Monday, April 4, 2016

Love my Journaling App!

Wow.... it has been quite some time since I last blogged! No excuses coming from me, but I have been (sort of) journaling on my own.

 I purchased an app for my iPhone and iPad called "Day One 2" and I have been using that more than blogger. (As if you haven't been able to tell, lol!)

 I can add photos like I can on blogger, tags, etc. I can choose to publish my entries on social media, but not on blogger, unless I use the ol' copy/paste method.

 I have several journals within this app... one for sermon notes, one for my prayer journal, one for a personal journal, and I'm about to start another one to photo journal, so that I can have journaling ready for my scrapbooking. And while on  that subject.,...


I have been SO busy that I haven't had much "me" time at all. When I am home, I'm usually either trying to clean my apartment, or I'm sleeping!

Oh,,, and the other project I have taken on in my spare time (what's that??? lol) is managing the Learning Digital Scrapbooking and Challenges page on Facebook for Hummie. I like posting challenges there (mostly ones already on the site-- to get some more involvement)

Anyway, that's kind of a synopsis of what's going on with me. Hope you're all (whomever will read this) are doing well also!

Monday, June 22, 2015

This is a test......

.. Of the emergency broadcast system!

Just kidding! I'm testing to see if I can blog from my iPad.......

Monday, June 2, 2014

So excited!!

I have been wanting to blog about this since the day it became reality, but-- well, reality got in the way!

It is official... I am going to be flying to Missouri in August to see my dear friend Hummie!!!

I have been there twice before, but it has been 2 years since I last got to see her and her Hubby. I have a widget on my phone counting down to the flight departure on August 13th.

As in past visits, I will blog my trip. I will try to do a better job this time. I know that I haven't been keeping this up too much. Like I said before, life has gotten in the way.

On a sad note, the family I have babysat for for almost 5 years is moving to Florida in one week. :( I have been spending as much time with them as humanly possible. In fact, I will be riding with them down to Florida, then fly back home. Words cannot even begin to describe how much I am going to miss them. I mean, really. They have been a HUGE part of my life. It's not going to be an easy transition.

Anyway, I wanted to share my happy news with you. August seems forever away, but I know the time will go by fast. It always does. Then I hope time slows down while I'm in Missouri. :)

Have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When is the last time?

I have been lacking on my devotional reading, and I felt convicted of it this morning. So, I pulled up my youversion Bible app on my phone and started a new reading plan. I chose the Life Application Study Bible, because it puts things in a perspective that I can easily grasp.

For the first day on this plan, I felt like I got hit with a ton of bricks. It is something I have been thinking about recently, and it was like God was saying "What are you going to do about it?"

Today's reading was Psalm 6:6. In the New Living Translation, David says "I am worn out from Sobbing. All night I flood my bed with weeping, drenching it with my tears."

I have been going through several battles lately. Physical, emotional.... no matter the type, it's still a battle. Big or small, it's still a battle. And no matter the circumstance... if it's important to you, it's important to God. Did you read that? IF IT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU, IT'S IMPORTANT TO GOD!!!

Here is my personal conviction about this verse: How many times have I prayed and sought after God so fervently that I weep? Have I ever "drenched my bed" with my tears? Do I try to "fix" my problems myself and think that I don't need God to intervene? Am I too angry to pray? Am I too depressed over the situation to think that God wants to hear my woes?

As we celebrate Easter, it's a good time to really put things into perspective. Jesus died on the cross for me. For YOU. Do you think that He would willingly do that if he didn't care about us? He WANTS us to come to him with EVERY situation. If it is a death of a loved one, come to Him and talk to Him about it! If it's the loss of a job, come to Him and talk to Him about it! If it's something that you think is too trivial to bother God with-- don't think that way! He wants you to come to Him. Nothing is too small. Or too big. Praying in times of struggle will help you take the focus off of you and off of your circumstance, and will cause you to focus on HIM.

On the same token, pray prayers of Thanksgiving when you get an answer to prayer! He wants to rejoice with you too!

Take the time today to spend with God. He's waiting patiently for you.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Forgotten again

Wow... here it is Late March 2014! Where does the time go?

I know I have failed miserably with this blog. So much going on in "real life". I'm not going to say something like "I won't neglect my blog anymore", or resolve to do better. I've done that before-- several times-- and have failed every single time.

Thanks to some awesome advice from a good friend, I am going to do this blog for ME. It will share MY feelings, and MY layouts, and if no one other than me reads them, it's ok, because I am not going to worry about getting my blog "out there". I have wasted money on a url and web space when I don't even use it.

Well, I guess two big things in particular have happened since I last blogged. One of them is that I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in late November 2013. Blood sugar was so high that it put me in the hospital for 4 days the day after Thanksgiving. I am now on a pill as well as 2 types of insulin.
The good news is that I immediately started making changes in my life, and I have gotten my diabetes under control. So much so that my Endocrinologist wants me to be a mentor to other patients who are struggling with their diabetes. I love that I can take my experiences and help others achieve the same goals.

The other big thing that has happened in my life is that I moved into my own place at the end of February. This is my first time legitimately on my own with no family, room mates, or spouse. Tomorrow will mark one month since I moved. I still struggle with being on my own... especially at night. Also, I live literally next to a railroad track, so there are trains coming through at all hours of the day and night, blaring their horn. I'll have to get a video of that sometime. And give you a video tour of my place.  I'll work on those once I get my voice back.

For now though, this is my update for you. If someone reads it, great! If not, that's ok. Cause I'm doing this for me. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to 2013... albeit late!!

I have once again become bad about blogging!! Argh! Seems like there aren't enough hours in the day!
I have been wondering how i can best utilize this blog for things other than digi scrapping... which I plan on catching you up on the projects I have done so far this year. You might be happy to know that I have scrapped more in the last couple months than I did the whole year of 2012! Yay me! I promise I will share my pages here with you, but in the meantime, you're welcome to visit my gallery at Hummie's World.
Speaking of Hummie's World, I am participating (well, truth be told, I haven't done anything yet, but I will be soon!) in a new project called "makes me...." Basically, you print out your list of all these prompts, then take a photo of that prompt. I am a contributor to the blog, and I will post my photos on there, but I think I will share here too, and I am actually tinkering around with the idea of journaling about the photo, putting it in a layout, and maybe even get around to getting it printed in book form! I know that my intentions don't always turn into reality (i mean... this blog is a prime example!), but it is something that I want to aim for. Besides, it will get me scrapping!
I am so glad that I seem to be getting my mojo back with scrapping. I do need to do some organizing with it, though. I have TONS of kits that I don't even know how to find what I need! I need a better system than what I have now. Right now, I have all the kits stored under designer name. Well, that's all well and good, but it's not going to help me find, for example, a St Patricks Day themed kit.
Oh hey! That brings me to my next topic! If you've been looking for a specific themed item, Hummie has created boards on Pinterest and she, along with HW staff and myself, have been pinning stuff to the boards. They are done in categories so things are easy to find. If you're on the hunt for some valentines Day kits, we've got you covered! You can see all the catagories here.
You can follow me on Pinterest as well. I need to figure out how to get a follow me link on my blog for you all. But for now, here's the link.
OK, well I suppose that's it for now. Check back tomorrow for my edits. Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I don't remember if I have blogged about this already, but I seem to be in a funk. It is hard to put into words what I have been feeling. I just have this HUGE burden on my shoulders. a lot of it is that I feel so inadequate. Like I'm not good enough. I am amazed a lot of what God has done in my life, and don't get me wrong.... I'm so thankful for the doors that have been opened for me over the last 5 years or so, but at the same time, I have this overwhelming feeling that I'm not worthy of the opportunities and blessings that have come my way.

An acquaintance at church recently asked me to speak in her Sunday School class about how God has been faithful to me. I am to speak on October 28th. I have been praying a lot about what I should speak on. Well, first, I spent a lot of time praying if I should do it or not. I feel like I should. The problem for me at the moment lies with what subjects I should broach, and which I should leave alone. I have a plethora of instances where God has shown me that He is faithful. And yet... here I am, still feeling inadequate to even speak to a small group of ladies. I do realize that part of it is nerves- as I'm NOT at ALL comfortable with public speaking... even with just a handful of people. But to bar my soul to people, bringing up subjects that I have worked hard to bury and forget about, is a little unnerving in and of itself.

Why do I feel so inadequate about so many things? Why do I always feel like I am not good enough, or not worthy enough to receive a blessing? mind you, i'm not asking you to get advice-- it's rhetorical.

On another note in my personal life, a lot has been happening that has been out of my control. The family I babysit for... the father lost his job a couple weeks ago, and so he's been actively looking for work... even looking outside our vicinity into other states. While I know that God has it all worked out already and sees the big picture, they are struggling to make ends meet and take care of their 5 children. I have still been babysitting, but my hours will be getting reduced a great deal, especially next week, as it only looks like I'll have the kids one day, unless something comes up. They are not ruling out the possibility of moving out of state for a job, and if that happens, I'll be out of a job as well. They did at one point ask me if i would be willing to move with them if that were to happen, but at this point in my life, I don't think that is a viable option for me.

This blog post has barely scratched the surface of what is going on inside my head, but this is a start. My blogging about this isn't meant to bring you down or to feel sorry for me. I'm just expressing my feelings, trying to sort them out. You just happen to be reading it. And there aren't many who read this anyway, so I guess in that respect I'm more comfortable sharing.

On that note, I'm going to close, because I'm sitting at my sisters salon, and the massage therapist is going to give me an hour massage at half price. She is so sweet to do that, and it is MUCH needed!!

Oh.... and guess what??? My mom is off to a retreat this weekend, so I have the house to myself for the weekend!! I have a voice lesson (first one in almost 2 months!!) early in the afternoon, then I have the rest of the day Friday and all day Saturday to myself!!! Sunday I have church, then hanging out with Annette, then a church activity that night, so I'm not counting Sunday. And all that will be ruined if my brother is home. I'm really hoping that he has his own weekend activities.

OK, catch ya later!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pitch Perfect and a New App

After babysitting yesterday, I went to the mall with Anna and some girls she works with, and we ate dinner and saw the movie Pitch Perfect. I had seen a commercial for it on TV, and it looked interesting, but since I don't go to the movies very often, I figured I'd just wait to see it when it came out on DVD.

Honestly, other than the music itself, I wasn't overly impressed with the movie. The story lines were predictable, and there was a LOT of stuff that really didn't need to be in the movie to get the point across. For a PG-13 rated film, it was quite vulgar and grossly innapropriate. I'm sure that not everyone would feel the same way as I, but really.... come on! I really have no desire to see someone puking their guts out, and then someone slip and fall into said puddle and begin to make "angels" in the puddle. REALLY? Was that necessary?? I think not!

As far as the new app.... now that I've probably ompletely grossed you out!

I have heard for awhile now about an app called Photoshop Touch. I never looked into it before cause I didn't have a tablet, but now that I do, I went and paid the 10 bucks for it. I've only dove into a couple of the tutorials so far, but from what I can see, it looks cool! An added bonus for me is that while docked, I have access to USB ports, and so I think that I might hook up my ehd to it one of these days and see if I can make a scrapnbook page on it. Cool, huh? :)

oh, how I miss scrapping! Between being sick (by the way, feeling much better now!), being busy, and just.... well.... in a funk, I haven't been online much. When I am online, it's generally checking facebook or sending/reading email. I really miss being in the scrapping community as a whole, and doing challenges, chatting with you all, and scrapping my memories. I really need my mojo back!! Seems like something is always preventing me from doing what I love.

So..... does anyone miss me? Have you noticed I've been gone? Sometimes I wonder if anyone cares. My dear friend Hummie has texted me several times to check in on me, and I so appreciate her. My own family doesn't notice that somethings been off with me lately. My mom notices, but she doesn't really know what's going on. She just knows that when I am home, I am in my room with my door closed. Sometimes I'm laying in bed resting, sometimes the TV is on, or music is playing.... but I've seemed to sink into this hole that I can't seem to get out of. I don't even know what is causing me to be in this slump, but I do know that it needs to stop!

OK, enough of my woe is me crap. You all have better things to read. :)
Have a wonderful rest of your week!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's been a little while

Hey guys!
  I haven't been on here much lately... actually not online much at all other than the occasional facebook checkin on my phone.
  I'm still trying to get my energy back up from after being sick. I don't remember if I shared on here or not, but I got my xray results in... I did not have Pneumonia. Yay! That was some much needed great news!
  I have had a lot of wrist pain, which is why I have not been online much. I'm STILL waiting on the hand specialist to tell me if I have RA or not. The waiting game is certainly not fun!
  I went to see the neurologist on Friday for my 6month check up. He changed my meds again, and it really affected me this weekend. I had Open Mic Night on Friday night, and got home around 11:30pm. I took my bedtime pills, including the one new one he gave me, and the next thing I know, my mom is in my room, checking on me. Apparently, this was the fourth time she had been in there, and this time she was checking to make sure I was still breathing (I still had my CPAP on too}. She says "Do you realize what time it is"? I looked over at my clock. HOLEY MOLEY is was 1:30 in the afternoon!!!! I got up, went to the restroom, and ate something, then I apparently told mom that I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open, and I went back to bed, sleeping until 5:30! I got up, repeated almost exactly the same scenario, and mom was leaving for church. I went back to bed, and I woke up a few hours later, took my night pills, and slept through the night until my alarm went off Sunday morning to get ready for church! I have NEVER EVER slept so long in my life! Apparently I must have needed it!
After church on Sunday, I went with my sister to the grocery store to get food in our house, then spent about an hour with my nephew Evan, then went through some of her DVD's and took several home with me. Not that I have time to watch them or anything!
As I type this (on my tablet), I am at Cindy's house typing this out. All the kids are sleeping, and Cindy and Robbie just walked in the door. I'm staying here for the night and till 5pm tomorrow, then off to meet Anna at work, and go to their house for the night, and go to the office with Pastor Ted and do my work at church on Wednesday. Then I'll get home just in time to get to bed and get up early the next morning to babysit, then I have a doctor appointment for a check up after being sick. After that, it's off to my sisters salon to do some work there. Friday I think I have off, but at this point, anything can happen!! Saturday our worship team is having a theme party. Doing a hobo stew, and we come dressed like hobos. Should be interesting, but I haven't even had time to figure out what I'm going to wear. I have an idea of what I want to do, but it requires me going shopping, and I can't get around to do that. So, I may have to manage with what I can find around my house.
So, as you can see, I have been and will be very busy!!! There is much I want to do scrapping wise, but I just don't have the time right now. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feeling better... just in time!

So, as you all know from my previous blog post, I have been quite ill over the last week or so. I woke up yesterday starting to feel better, and so I decided to keep my commitments for this weekend. As I type this, I am sitting on the bus on my way to meet my friend Annette.

We are hading to awkenfest, which is a Christian music festival in FIndlay Ohio. Friends of ours put this on, and so we are volunteering for the event. Don't worry... my job allows me to sit and also be out of the sun, so don't fret! :)

Then I am staying at Annette's house overnight so that I have a ride to church on Sunday morning. With all the transportation headaches about to come my way, this is very welcome.

After church, i'm heading to a friends house where I will be able to grab a nap, then we're off to the church picnic. That should be fun!

I didn't sleep very well last night, so I'm thankful that my job today will allow me to sit.

I'm sure that by the end of the weekend, I'll be worn out, but I'll have Monday afternoon to catch up. (I have a therapy check up on Monday morning)

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know I'm doing better. Hopefully I'll be able to find a wifi spot to send this from!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

FINAL EDIT-- I wasn't able to upload this during the day, so I am now, before I go to sleep. I survived the day! I didn't have any coughing fits or have to blow my nose at all, and that's great! I hope it continues!!! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Being sick is the pits!!

Hey look! I'm on a roll here! Blogging two days in a row! :)

I am drafting this post as I sit on a bus on my way to the Doctor. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my tablet!?!?!

I have been sick since last Thursday. I could tell when it was coming on, and on Friday when I woke up, I was undeniably sick. Worst part was that I as obligated to babysit that day. So I went, but thankfully it was only for a few hours, and when I got home,  I was blessed with moms friend taking her to the store for me to get me what I needed. my, has the cost of medicine gone up!! Between over the counter medicine, nyquil, dayquil, cough drops, and some food items I requested, it cost me $70 bucks!! Yowza!!

I called my doctors office and told them my symptoms, andcoughing quite as m I was thinking that they would request to see me, but since the symptoms are all very similar to what I had before, they graciously called something into my pharmacy for me. It is called Bactrim.

Well,  missed out on a church event Saturday night, and i was supposed to sing at church on Sunday, but of course I wasn't going anywhere. I was one very unhappy camper. Oy fn Monday, I wassupposed to have my first water therapy group appointment, but of course that was out of the question as well. I cannot tell you how BORING it is to be stuck in bed, not able to do anything at all. I watched some movies, but mostly I slept.

I have been home everyday since Friday, and this is my first outing. Mom says I should have worn a coat, but it's not col out, and besides, I keep sweating, so what's the point in wearing a coat when I'm just going to take it off anyway?

So, now I am sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office. I remember last year sitting here in a heavy coat and scarf, hacking up a lung and people giving me looks and getting up to move away from me. Well, I'm in a Tshirt, not coughing quite as much, but the coughs I do get are bad ones, so they are moving away from me again. I'm hoping that they will call me back soon so I can get out of their way.

In the exam room now. My they are busy back here!i'm not sure I'll be in and out as quick as they made it seem! Guess I can watch a movie on my tablet as I wait... Doctor thinks I have Pneumonia again. I have to have an xray to confirm, so instead of taking tarps home, I had a friend pick me up and take me. Well, I tried to call tarps to cancel my ride, but they had 18 calls ahead of me! I started the call hen I was still in the exam room, and while I checked out and got my prescriptions. After about 45 minutes waiting on the line (on my cell phone no less!), my ride came and I asked the nurse to tell the driver that I tried to call, but that I was going over to the hospital and getting a ride home. So, I'm in the car headed home, and my phone alerts me that I have a voicemail. Funny-- I didn't hear it ring. it WAS TARPS dispatch wondering where I was.... the driver was told that I was walking over to the hospital, and they were trying to find me!!! So, I call again and this time there are 6 calls ahead of me. I was still on hold when I got home, and I patiently waited until I finally got through. My friend there answered the phone, and after telling her who I was, she says "Girl, where ARE you? You have us frantic!" I explained the situation, and she laughed and said OK. Thankfully, it's not going to count against me as a no call no show, since I did make every attempt to call in. Phew! What an ordeal, huh? The other thing I have to deal with is i developed thrush in my mouth from the antibiotic they had me on. So, I have to take this stuff to get rid of that. I thought that thrush was something that babies got. You learn something new everyday I guess! Now, I'm going to post this blog post, then rest for awhile. That excursion wore me out!! Till next time...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New tablet... hopefully more blog posts!

Hey there!

So... other than my blog posts about my vacation and the recent one about the concert I went to a couple weeks ago, I haven't really blogged much. Well, i'm hoping that is about to change!

You see... I made a purchase of an ASUS Transformer tablet. I was hesitant about it at first, but now that I have it (and that it is fully charged so I can actually play with it), I am really liking it... especially with the keyboard dock. While I may only have access to the internet on it with wifi, I now have a cool portable way to write down my thoughts when I'm on the road on the bus, or wherever. I couldn't do this on my phone, and I don't think with my wrist issues I could do it with just the tablet alone.

I have been going through a lot of change in my life lately, and not all of it is good, but I am determined to make the best out of the situations and praying that it will grow me and stretch me a little.

So.... for now, this is what I wanted to tell you. I'm not even sure if anyone reads this, but regardless, I am doing this for me. I need to. I don't know what I will do with this blog, but there will be something!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Concerts are fun!

I am a big Kari Jobe fan. I have been for several years. Up until this past Sunday, I had never seen her live. Two months ago, I learned that she was coming to the Detroit area, and I found a way to go!!

I paid for the VIP passes, and I found out a couple days prior that I was invited to a worship leaders roundtable discussion that would take place even before the VIP stuff! Woooo!!! Space was limited to 25 people, so when I had applied for it 3 weeks prior, I wasn’t counting on an invitation… but I am so glad that I did!!!

I was hoping that with such a smaller group, we would get a chance to meet Kari and Anthony in person… autographs, photos and such, but no luck there. However, I did ask a question in the discussion, so I did have eye contact with Kari for a couple minutes! Smile haha!

What I didn’t know, was that on top of Kari, and All Sons & Daughters, there was someone else there as well…… Anthony Evans!! If you watch NBC’s The Voice, you saw him on last season. He was on Christina’s team.

So, here’s some photos of the roundtable discussion:


After this session, I sort of assumed that we would be invited (those of us with VIP passes anyway) to go into the auditorium. NOPE!! We got sent back outside, to stand in line again. But really… While yes it was hard on me (with what all I was carrying) to stand outside, I didn’t really lose out on anything. I ended up with 5th row front center stage seats. Not bad at all!!

The VIP part wasn’t what I was expecting. There were about 300-500 people, and we had all of a half an hour to ask questions. The tour manager Sawyer was screening the questions to weed out inappropriateness, but they managed to get weasled in anyway. I think a couple times Kari looked mortified and uncomfortable, but those were few and far between. For the most part, people asked really good questions.

My friend Cindy didn’t purchase the VIP, so she texted me, telling me that the line was wrapped around the building, and could I save her a seat. I tried, but all the seats around me were occupied. But something awesome happened! The woman sitting directly in front of me gave up her seat for Cindy! She said that she had lasik surgery a few days ago, and she would be more than happy to sit further back! WOW!!! That was so unexpected, but greatly appreciated!

So once Cindy was seated, I took the opportunity to check out the merch tables. I nabbed some awesome music from Anthony and All Sons & Daughters. (I already have all Kari’s stuff LOL!) I did, however, get a really cool bracelet and ring that Kari designed. I’ll have to take pictures of those later. I’m not much of a ring wearer, but this ring is vintage looking, and really cute…. albeit BIG! lol.

Here’s some pics of the VIP session:


Anthony was the first one to sing. My pics didn’t turn out all that well, but here’s a couple…


Then All Sons & Daughters came out and played a set. I didn’t get pics, cause I was really into their music…. but there are some below with Kari Smile

Then Anthony came back out and did a couple more songs, then it was intermission time. I decided to take the opportunity to use the restroom. Oh my goodness…… there was an attendant in there directing traffic in the bathroom!!! I’m serious!! She would call out what stall was about to open up…. it was so funny, but I guess it’s productive!

I went back into the lobby, and Anthony was out there! I left my cell phone in the auditorium, and was mentally kicking myself!! So, I headed back just in time for Kari to start. Oh my!!! It was so awesome! OK, yes, I am a self proclaimed Kari Jobe-aholic, so I was excited, and I did take some pics right from the get-go…


But then I saw how into worship she was…. I mean…. I thought she was going to kick one of the guitarists with her high heeled boot a couple times…. she can really move around that stage!! I felt really convicted of that. I tend to – even when on stage- to just stand (or sometimes sit) there, and I’m sure that some people might think I’m some sort of stone statue. She expresses herself in every possible way. I need to work on that.

After the first couple songs, I stopped taking photos, and got into worship myself. Wasn’t focusing on Kari anymore…. my focus was where it was supposed to be.

After awhile, she invited AS&D back on the stage for an accoustic set. I did get some photos and even some videos. The videos are only snippets, most because they were songs I was either unfamiliar with and wanted to remember for later, or because I liked the arrangements.

Here’s the photos. I didn’t use my zoom…. this is how close I was!


Hmmm…. it seems that I can only put videos on here if they are on youtube. I don’t really want to upload them, so I may have to figure out another way to share later.

To end the night, she sang “Revelation Song” Smile

As we left, we noticed that Anthony was out there again, and I got to chat with him for a couple minutes, and Cindy snapped a photo.


All in all, a WONDERFUL night!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Misssouri Trip Day 11- The Adventurous Last full day of Vacation

When we first got up, we were talking about what we wanted to do that day. It was decided that we would first go to the Farmer’s Market, cause they wanted me to experience it, and also to eat a Mennonite Donut. After that, we were going to head to Hummie’s friends’ shop, and then go pick out her holly bush, and then go from there.

We headed out around 9, and started the trek to the market. Well—we didn’t quite make it there. I can’t go into much detail right now, but we were involved in a car accident. It was not at all our fault, and we are all fine, but the car got banged up, and well… it messed up our plans. So after spending time on scene taking care of that, we ended up going back to the house, getting their sons car, taking the damaged car to the shop, then going to get the bushes.

With the gift certificate, Hummie was able to get her holly bush, another bush she has wanted, and a houseplant. We took those back to the house, and then set off for Bollinger Mill. I really wanted to see the covered bridge. Well, I was disappointed in that the bridge was being renovated and we couldn’t walk up to the bridge. But we did get a tour of the mill, which was actually very interesting. It’s so neat to see how things were done back then.

Hummie and I were geeked out over all the old hinges and other hardware on the machines. We were taking more pictures of them, and other textures than of any of the machines themselves! I mean- come on- We’re digital scrapbookers, and when you see something cool like that, you get photos, so that you can extract them and make digital products with them!! DUH!! lol!

After the tour, we went outside and got some pictures of the bridge and waterfall outside, then started heading out towards Indian Hills Winery, where we would go to relax after such a stressful morning.

We had not eaten since the pizzeria the night before, so we got a cheese and bread appetizer, then got sandwiches and chips for our meal… well, I had a chicken caesar wrap that was really yummy!

We sat on this patio that had fans running, and we just enjoyed the wonderful breeze and the peace and quiet of the country. There weren’t many people around, and so I decided this would be a great place to reveal the final surprise. I gave her hubby the camera to video record the event. We had a card for her with all of our names in it, and cash to help pay off her laptop that she ended up needing to buy, as her old one- that was faithful to her for so many years- finally started to wear out on her, and it was necessary to get a new one. I must say that having all these surprises for her was so much fun!

After all the other guests had left, they had asked about the pond, and got permission to swim in it. Last year, they went in the water at a winery, and it’s now become sort of a tradition for us! Now… I didn’t get into the water, but Hub-E did, and it was hilarious!! He said it was muddy…. yeah- you can have that all to yourself, dude!!

Shortly after, we started the trek back to the house, and I don’t remember what we did before bed! I think we were just all on overload from the day, and ended up going to bed early.

Still to come—final day in Missouri, and the trek back home.

Missouri Trip Day 10- Lunch with friends and out for dinner

After the awesome pampering from the day before, I was able to sleep in until 10am!!! THAT was soooooooo nice!

When I got up, I got showered and whatnot, and I spent a lot of time in the room I was staying in. I was able to start getting myself organized for repacking (boo!) and whatnot. I left two outfits out for the rest of the weekend, but packed everything else away.

Hummie had premade plans to have lunch with friends of hers, so I went along to Dairy Queen, where I had a sweet apple barbecue hamburger. It was actually really yummy! I just couldn’t eat much of the fries, cause the burger filled me up, and those fries were piping HOT!!! I had a frozen lemonade to drink, and I mainly just listened to the friends talk.

Hummie dropped me off at the house, and I went back into the room and tried to take a little nap, but I ended up watching a show on my cell phone (I have a smart phone with a decent size screen), then listened to some music.

When they were home from work, we decided to go to Pagliai’s (I may have misspelled that), a local “hot spot” pizzeria. We had appetizers of a sampler between garlic cheese bread, mozzarella sticks, and friend ravioli. I had never had the latter before, and YUM!!! They were good!

Then the pizza came out. It was half pepperoni, and half house special (sausage, onions, and green peppers, I think). I had one piece left to eat, but I just couldn’t do it!!! I was stuffed!!

We went back to the house and watched a DVD they had from Blockbuster. Something about “The Pacific” I think. It is a war series that was on HBO or something like that. It was interesting to watch what it was like in the war.

After that, I think we watched MasterChef, and then by that point, we were all fading out. Bedtime!

Stay tuned for the last full day of me being in Missouri: The Adventure!

Missouri Trip Day 9- More surprises in store!!

OK, so this is MUCH harder to blog now that I’m back home!!! But I am trying SO hard to remember everything for you all! Hopefully Hummie can remind me if I miss something! Haha!

Since we had overnight guests, I slept on the couch, and got up early with all of them and it was nice to sit around the table and (even though I didn’t eat) talk. Blender blasts are amazing… I’m just sayin’! I didn’t even realize that if the table was pulled out, there is a bench seat. Who woulda thunk it? lol!

After they left, I went to work getting the bedding washed (hey- they are allowing me to stay with them… the LEAST I can do is do a couple loads of laundry, right???). Oh my goodness… her washer and dryer is SO HIGH TECH!! It took me a little bit to figure it out, but I DID conquer the machines!! Hooray!!! lol. I also did some of my laundry as well.

During Hummie’s lunch, she was showing me a project she is working on for the store. I can’t tell you what it is, but I CAN tell you it is SUPER COOL!!! That hour went by pretty fast, and I was sure to remind her that she needed to get home right away so we weren’t late for her surprise. At this point, she didn’t even know where we were going! Ha! I’m sooooo bad!!

When she got home from work, I was literally bouncing with excitement! She can vouch for that! She came in the house, and I was like “We have to go!!!” but she needed to make sure she had her camera…. bah!!! LOL… “It’s customary to be late” she says… and inwardly I’m screaming “BUT NOT FOR THIS!!!!” Oh, what a sight it was!!

I can now tell you that the location where we were going was the SAME PLACE that we were the day before for the birthday party… just next door! All the way there, I was moving… I couldn’t stop! I was THAT excited!!

Are you ready to know why??

As part of the surprise that was planned, we were BOTH treated at a high end salon with hour long Swedish massages, manicures, and pedicures. AHHHHHHHH!!! SO nice!!!

We walked in, and we had to fill out some paperwork, then we were whisked away to the massage rooms. Oh, I should mention that there was a thunderstorm outside, and it actually helped me to relax more… the sound of thunder can be relaxing when you’re not terrified of it!

The massage rooms adjoined by french doors. After getting situated on the tables, they opened the doors so we could talk or whatever, but honestly, I was so focused on the relaxation, that I didn’t talk much. I started out laying on my stomach with my head on this pillow that had the scent of eucalyptus. I love that!!

I won’t go into great detail about the massage, but suffice to say that it was SO nice, and if I’m ever able to, I certainly would do it again!

After the hour of pure pampering, we went for our pedicures. Hummie was so excited just about having her feet I the hot tub thing. Now, I have had mani/pedi’s before, so it was fun watching her experience it for the first time. The lady I had, Martha, took a lot of time working on my feet. Neither her or the lady working on Hummie rushed through anything, which was nice for me. And actually, there was something I had never done before…. we both had masks put on our feet, and they were wrapped in hot towels for awhile. THAT was nice!! I don’t know what the mask was (I’ll have to look it up later), but it really made my feet soft.

My sister works in a salon, and she told me what color to use on my nails, right down to the name…. Cajun Shrimp. Now doesn’t that just sound appetizing?? LOL! The color is a coral color, bright, and almost exactly matches the purse I had brought with me!

Hummie, who does not normally wear polish, chose a more natural brownish/tan color, and it looks so nice on her!

To get the polish on our toes, they used cotton in between, then they slipped these thin flip flop looking things on our feet. Hummie sure got a kick out of that!!

After the luxurious Pedicure, we went over to get our manicures. I have a nail biting issue, as well as a ton of hangnails, and so a LOT of cuticle oil was used.

After almost 3 hours of pampering, it was time to go, and we walked out into the much needed rain to her car and then to the house, where her hubby continued to wait on us and made us drinks and popcorn and we settled down to watch some TV.

It was a wonderful day, and I think Hummie really enjoyed her surprise!! Again, to all the ladies involved, thanks for helping me pull this off!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 8

Wednesday morning I got up before Hummie left for work, so I was able to say bye before she left. Then I did my usual morning routine of something small for breakfast. I generally don’t eat breakfast, but with some of the pills I take, I have to eat something. I think I had a bagel with peanut butter on it. Oh, yes I did! Cause I remember the funny thing that happened!

OK, so I put the bagel in the toaster, put the lever down, and made a quick pit stop. I come back into the kitchen, and the bagels are still down. Hmmm. I go to investigate. Oh! It’s not plugged in!! DUH!! OK, so I plug it in and put the lever back down again, and go into the living room to do something. Come back in, and it’s STILL not toasting!!! So…. I guess it would help to plug the right cord in, huh? LOL!

I FINALLY got my bagel toasted, put the PB on it, grab a glass of milk, and went out in the living room to eat while browsing the forum.

After Hummie got off work, we headed out to her great niece’s birthday party at a bounce house. That was fun, but a little intimidating for me, as I didn’t know anyone there except Hummie. But it was fun to see the kids playing. I joked with a couple of the moms Bouncy kids make for sleepy kids later!” I may not be a mom myself, but I am around kids enough to know this lol!

After we left there, we headed to this church in a nearby town, where there is this traveling evangelical team, that comes to churches, canvases the area, and helps the church with potentially getting new members. They are a young mid to young college aged group, and they do things like singing, dramas, puppets, and things like that. Hummie and Hub-E housed their two leaders for the night, so we had gone there to eat with them, go to the service, and bring them back to the house.

Now, while I’m not Lutheran myself, it was still very intriguing to me. I told them up front that I wasn’t Lutheran, but that I am a Christian, and they were very kind and not judgmental at all. I was quite impressed.

We chatted with them until close to midnight, then we all went to bed for the night.

Tomorrow is a revealing of one of the big surprises for Hummie, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!!

Missouri Trip Day 7~ Video editor extraordinaire! lol

So this morning for some strange reason, I get up early. Ha! But that’s good though, since I was able to say bye to Hummie before she left for work.

Have I really been here for 7 days already??? Unreal!!!

After she left, I put a load of laundry in the washer. Let me tell you, that wasn’t the easiest thing to do lol! She has a VERY high tech washer and dryer! lol!

Then I came back upstairs, and started working on the video presentation for Hummie’s Surprise on Thursday. While this was fun to put together, it was also sort of frustrating, cause the music wasn’t lining up like it was supposed to. After several hours, I finally got it done. Only to discover that not only did I accidently exclude someone from the video…. my part had very low sound! Ack!! So I had to go back and re-record my part of the video, then edit everything again to line it up. And I was able to add in another video greeting that was sent in too. So that was good… but then it had to render again, and upload again… and it just seemingly took FOREVER! lol

By the time it was uploading to youtube, they were back home from work. Hummie and I sat in the living room, each with our laptops, and worked on various things.

Cindy (who I babysit for) video called me on Skype, because Robbie wanted to show me the new thing he’s doing. He can do a headstand! Cool! (He’s 5) It was cool to talk to them. He wanted to see where I was sleeping, and he was just curious about everything. Maybe we can skype again while I am here so I can show them the outside. He would FLIP over her garden here!!!

We had Philly cheese sandwiches for dinner with caramelized onions and then we were doing a video hangout in google plus with Debbie and Sheila from the forum, and recorded some of it on youtube so some others can view later. I also got to show her the video that was made in honor of her. I think she was surprised! And there were even tears!!! I can’t wait to reveal the final two surprises!!!

After the chat, we just hung out till we were tired, then went to bed.

We didn’t go out and do anything…. but that is totally OK! It was good to just be able to relax!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 6 Rest and relax!!

Monday Monday!!!

First of all…. I slept in!!!! YEAH!!! That was nice and much needed!!

While Hummie and Hub-E were away at work, I did some computer stuff, and just basically hung out.

When they got home, we went to eat at Casa Mexicana. I had a taco salad. I know—I’m boring lol!

Then we took Hub-E back home so he could work on some things, then Hummie and I went to Best Buy to get her second surprise… a wireless Range Extender. She has trouble getting an internet connection in her room or on the patio, so this will help boost the signal. She was surprised! Mission accompished!

Then we went down to the Mississippi river front in downtown Cape. I finally got to see the other side of the flood wall, and it was cool! We took some pictures and just relaxed. Then we heard a train coming, so we hurried to the flood wall to get video and pics. You have to understand… we were standing literally 5 FEET from the track!! CRAZY!!! I got the video, and she took pictures.

Then we sat down again, just relaxing and enjoying the view. Then when the lights came on, we went back to the river front to walk along the walkway again and take some more pictures. Then we heard ANOTHER train coming! This time from the other direction! I got some of it on video again, but this time, it freaked me out, so the video wasn’t that long. We headed back to the car and headed home, where we watched Master Chef (one of our favorite shows). From there, I think we all went to our rooms (oh, did I mention I have a room here this time around and not sleeping on the living room floor on an air mattress? Not that that’s a bad thing or anything lol) and drifted off to sleep.

Another good day!!!

Missouri Trip Day 5- Singing, and celebrating

After a long (but very fun) weekend, you’d think I’d get to sleep in, right? NOPE! haha! I had to get up at 6 am to get ready for church. My friends’ church has two services, and I had been asked to sing at both of them! We had rehearsal at 7:30, and the first service was at 7:45. This is the more conservative group. They recently purchased a new piano- a baby grand, I believe. So Keith (the music director) has been trying to get soloists to use the piano rather than guitar or other instruments.

After I sang, there was silence. Not that I’m demanding applause, cause I’m not that way, but I’m just used to it at my church I guess. But I got a lot of compliments after church, which was nice, but also- something I don’t expect. Then we went into the meeting room for Sunday School. After that, it was time for the second service. This time I did get applause, and I was kind of taken aback, until Hummie explained it to me. After church, we went into their gymnasium for a potluck. It was in honor of their Vicar. Lots of great food! I ate way too much!!

Since we were camping on Hummie’s Hubby’s (also called Hub-E) birthday, we had told him that we would do whatever he wanted to do for his birthday. Something that they enjoy is wineries, and there is a cave winery about an hour away, so we came home, changed, and off we went.

I’m not a drinker, but I was at wineries with them last year, and it is actually quite nice! The atmosphere is totally different in what you would see in a bar setting. Lovely scenery, and sometimes live music as well! At this winery, you can do some wine tasting, then your entry into the cave is basically buying a bottle of wine. They did, and I bought a bottle of water. We rode down to the cave, and it was a pleasant time, as it is much cooler in the cave than the heat outside. We tried to get good photos, but they all made the cave look like it was orange.

I drank my water out of one of the wine glass (more fun that way!) and we just sat and talked. Until I pulled a surprise on her!! hehehe

So… several of the ladies in the forum and I got together and made plans to surprise Hummie with several gifts as a way of thanking her for all that she has done for us in teaching us digital scrapbooking. We have something up our sleeve, but we wanted to do tangible things for her as well that she can keep forever and remember how much we love her, so the first surprise revealed was a gift certificate to a local nursery. She has always wanted a holly bush, but because they are expensive, she has never gotten one. So we did it for her! Smile And BOY was she surprised!!! We got it on video and shared it with the forum members so they could feel like they were right there with us.

Shortly after that, we left, and decided to go to a more commercialized winery, so that I could see the difference in family owned and commercial wineries. Let me tell you…. Crown Valley is HUGE!! There’s a store in the front section, then you walk through this…. well… walkway I guess, then you have a bar-looking area for wine tasting, then on the other side is a deli, then there’s a deck out back with a bistro (I think??) out there too. We got there pretty close to closing time.

The wine of the month was peach, and so I decided to try it. It wasn’t bad, but since I’m not a drinker, it’s not something I would rush to buy a bottle of. The ounce or whatever the size of the sample is was enough for me. What I did like, however, was the sangrias. The one I had had just a hint of the wine in it, but it had fruit juices, lemonade (that sold it for me right there!) and ginger ale in it. I ended up giving my other tokens to Hummie and Hub-E because I was just fine with what I had. And the gentleman who waited on us was very kind. We told him about how I found it cool that I wasn’t carded (cause I was at the other place), and he was like “Well I just trusted you because you were with them, and so I figured you were old enough”. (or something to that effect… maybe I shouldn’t have quoted that lol!) When I told him how old I was, I don’t think he believed it at first!! Yeah…. I get that a lot. Haha. He was so kind to us, that before we left, I had to ask for a picture, so I can scrap about it later. I’m not sure how many people ask for them to take a picture with them, so I was glad that he agreed!

There weren’t many people around, so we chatted with him for awhile, then went outside. My WORD it was beautiful out there!!! We got some pictures… but I haven’t seen them yet lol. They were closing down early, so we headed to the car. I made some comment about wanting to drive in the parking lot, and OH MY GOSH she actually let me!!! I was sooooo geeked!! I jumped out of the car and nearly collided with her going around the vehicle lol! Now… before you freak out… the lot was EMPTY!!!! There’s nothing for me to hit, so don’t freak out on me, k?? Smile

I put it in gear, and at first, I hit the gas a little too hard, but after that, it was smooth sailing. She couldn’t believe that I wasn’t allowed to get a license because of my eyes. My response was “Um… I’m in an empty lot. There’s nothing for me to hit!” LOL! Trust me… coming from someone who attempted to get her license, but failed because I almost hit someone on a bike… it’s a GOOD thing I don’t have one. But it was really COOL to drive through the lot. When she felt like she was gonna be sick (motion sickness), I gently stopped, put it in park, and climbed out of the car. That was so much FUN!!!! Is there anyone in Ohio that would let me do that??????? I doubt it. They’d be too afraid! But Hummie will tell you… I did GOOOOOOD!!!!!

We got back home, and watched my FAVORITE movie…. Dolphin Tale. I think they liked it. I don’t think they were bored…. but then again… I think both of them drifted off throughout the movie lol!!!  But Hub-E made popcorn…and he makes THE BEST POPCORN EVERRRRRRR!!!! Seriously. I’m not kidding!!

That was pretty much my day. And a good one it was!!!!