Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ohmigosh I got an AWARD!!!

The WONDERFUL JanaRae awarded me with Angel Award. She is such a wonderful lady! She is the one who helped me to get this blog set up. She was so patient with me!! Thanks girl!
So I am supposed to pass this on to three others..... hmmm..... so many to choose from!! This is HARD!!!!
OK, here goes...
1. To Linda of Bonscrapitit Designs-- She seems to be like wonder woman LOL! She's been under so much stress with the crash of her computer and all the headaches that go along with it, yet she still manages to blog reguarly and freebies abound! MUAH Linda!!
2. To Bethany of Elegant Word Art-- wow what can I say?? I read your blog ALL the time and I feel like a part of your family by just reading your blog! And there is no one else I know that shrink wraps their trailor for a move. You go girl!! hehe
3. OK, this last one goes to HollyAnn of freebie vault. I know that she has been going through a lot, and I feel like a terrible friend for not doing a better job with keeping in touch. She truly is an angel for all that she sacrifices for her family!
Alright, so there ya go. JanaRae, so sorry that it took me so long to notice that you did that! I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off since Feb 13th!
Thanks again!

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi Dawn!!! Thank you SO much for thinking of me and I am HONORED that you have done so with this SWEET angelic award!

I LOVE your blog attire and am happy to know where to find you outside of FB!!!

You have yourself an INCREDIBLY wonderful rest of the weekend and I'll be catching up with you on the flipside!

Linda :)