Friday, April 9, 2010

My Spring Photo Shoot!


   I don’t get too many pictures of myself, but I have been making an effort to try to at least get some seasonal ones, and my friend Melissa and I went to the Toledo Botanical Garden to get some pics. This was my first visit to the gardens, and with my allergies, I was a little nervous, but I made sure I had all my meds in me before I left home.

  The first set of pictures I want to show you were taken from the log cabin that is in the Garden. Here’s some info about the garden taken from the website:

“The Pioneer Garden is a small area dedicated to northwest Ohio’s first settlers. It boasts a log cabin that once belonged to Peter Navarre, a well-known scout and frontiersman who is thought to be of Toledo’s first residents. It has been told that Johnny Appleseed himself planted the massive apple tree standing near the cabin. If true, the tree would be nearly 200 years old! Several native plants grow under its branches. An old Rosa Rugosa ‘Father Hugo’s Rose’ can be found on the north side of the cabin.”

image image  image

Here’s a few more random ones for your viewing pleasure.

image  image  image image image  image image  image  image image image image image


  I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing these photos. I sure had fun posing for them!


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Bernie said...

they're great photos - very professional-modellish :) Looking forward to seeing some on Los now...?!
Bernie x