Friday, April 16, 2010

tough past couple days

  The past couple days have been pretty hard. I mentioned in my last blog post that my great Aunt Rosie passed away last Sunday.

  Mom and I left Tuesday mid morning to go to Indiana. It was a long trip. We got there shortly before 6. I have a friend that lives in the area, so we met up for dinner. That was really nice.

  OK, so I haven’t seen this side of the family in YEARS. When I got back to Aunt Rosie’s house, mom wasn’t there. I walked in the door, and other that Aunt Betty, whom I had gotten reacquainted with when we arrived, I didn’t know anyone else that was in the house!! Needless to say, I was a tad uncomfortable.

Mom and I shared Aunt Rosie’s bed. That first night was rough!!! My mother…. hehe…. she kicks in her sleep!!! OWWWWW!!!!! Well, I know that I snore…. I have sleep apnea, and I did not bring my CPAP machine with me. I just plain ol forgot it. Well, several times through the night, she was waking me up and telling me to … well… shut up!! When morning came, I was very drowsy. I slept terribly.

We got through the funeral. It was fairly small. Some family came from out of town, but a lot could not come. The pastor who officiated did not know the family, so there was not that personal touch. He obviously did not talk to the family at all beforehand, because it was really kind of generic. He pronounced names wrong. He stammered a lot. Anyway… I won’t go further than that.

  I will say that this was my first time at a funeral that the funeral home was IN the cemetery. And this was my first time seeing a casket put into a vault, or tomb I guess… Not buried. Again, not going to get into details about it..

  Anyway, we go back to Aunt Rosie’s house for a luncheon, and after I ate, I told mom that I could no longer keep my eyes open. I needed to lay down. I told her I wouldn’t be longer than an hour to an hour and a half. That was at around 3:45ish. Well, I woke up at about 5 minutes to 10. PM!!! I slept a long time!! I woke up, and mom and Aunt Betty teased me a bit. Apparently there was a lot of noise going on when everyone was there, and they checked on me several times. Mom said that she would lift my arm up, and drop it, and I didn’t budge. I think she had a little too much fun with that, LOL!!

  So I got up, used to restroom, ate a little bit, and went back to bed. I slept till about 6am! Phew!!!

  We left Indiana around 1:30. We stopped at a candle place called Warm Glow. Really cute candle shop! Lots to smells in there…. and for a person with a sensitive nose, it isn’t really a good thing!! But even I found a couple things!! I have a thing for pomegranate. I got a large candle, and a fragrance lamp, along with some pomegranate melt away wax to melt in the lamp. I have one melting right now, in fact!! I’ll have to get some pictures for you later!

So now that I am home, I notice that I have a lot of work to catch on in the forum at Hummie’s World!!! Whoo boy!! I’d better stop blogging and get to work!!

But hey—you have to admit that I’m being more regular with blogging now, right? :) LOL

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