Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad blogger!!

  Wow, has it really been almost a month since I last blogged? That is terrible! I do have a post I have been working on to show off my new room, but I haven’t gotten the pics uploaded to the post yet. Bear with me- it’s coming, I promise!

I had an alpha that I made for the gallery hide and seek game, but since I only had two participants, I decided to give it again for the speed scrap I hosted last Saturday, but I only gave it again to three people…. so stay tuned in the next week or so, cause I’m going to give it as a blog freebie! I worked hard on it, so I want it to be available to people! Hummie calls me the alpha lady, cause I seem to make a lot of alphas….. I blame her, cause she' taught me how to make them… you created a monster, Hummie!! lol!!!

I still do want to learn to design other things. I have learned to better make papers… maybe I will come up with a paper pack or something… would you like that?

In other news, I recently obtained PSE 8, and though I haven’t had the chance to play around with it much, I really do like it! The guides will be a HUGE help to me.

I’ve got a busy rest of the week this week, but I will get that alpha to you early next week, and maybe… just maybe, I’ll get that other post on here too!

Till next time,

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