Friday, June 11, 2010

Hummie is a genius!

This will be a short blog post, because I DO plan on getting that other one finished today! This morning, I woke up with some crazy hiccups. I tried to get rid of them using all the traditional methods that I could think of. Drink a glass of water, hold my breath…. Kinda hard to scare myself, so that didn’t work….

I mentioned it to Hummie, and she instantly says “eat a spoonful of sugar...has worked 100% of the time for me for hiccups...but swallow without's the granuals that work.” So I went off to the kitchen, grabbed a spoon, and ate a spoonful of sugar. They were gone almost immediately!!

Hummie…. my hero!!!! :-)

1 comment:

Hummie said... 100% of the time!

Does that make me a hiccup hero?

Hmmm...that's better than underwear hero!