Saturday, June 26, 2010

New stuff at Hummie’s World!!

I haven’t really blogged much lately about new stuff at Hummie’s World. I’ve been very bad in that area. I have tweeted about the new challenges I have put up, and I made a short blog post about it, but I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about the more recent stuff happening.

Hummie has started a new site: This is actually REALLY cool! What it is, is a place where EVERYONE in the digital scrapbooking community can get involved! The goal is to highlight designers and site owners, doing interviews with them, and just plugging everyone in to what is going on in the community as a whole. We are utilizing a site called ustream, and we can chat with you via webcam or just audio only. Viewers will join us in the chatroom right on the site, and will ask you questions live.

This won’t be limited to just certain sites or individuals, but to everyone. This is a great way for designers and site owners to market themselves and make themselves known. If you would like to participate, send Hummie a private message on Facebook( OWNERS of sites with many designers will be invited to a private Facebook Group, but designers are welcome to contact her also.

A new course is starting July 5th!! It is for course 2. This course is for those that want to learn a lot of cool techniques. There are about 75 lessons in the course so far, and it continues to grow as Hummie learns new things to teach to us. If you are a subscriber, click here to sign up. If you're not yet a subscriber, it's a small subscription fee of $5.50 per month, and you get a LOT of bang for your buck! Click here for info on how to subscribe.

I made some slideshows last year- before I became her assistant- and I want to repost them here for you to see. I have been wanting to consolidate them into one slideshow, but I haven’t found the time to do that yet. I’ll get there yet!!!!! These are all the layouts that I have created using the lessons from course 2.

I know it would be more fun to watch in a different format- and maybe with some music behind it.

Set one:

Set two:

Set Three:

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You are so awesome to share about Hummie's World, but now let's see some personal posts too!