Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, before I forget…

I meant to tell you before, but I forgot!!

I have the new desk on order! It is HUGE!!! But, I am sacrificing my corner TV stand for it, and took out my dresser. I’m going to buy another storage unit, and stack it on the current one, and put the clothes in it.

  I also got a new flat panel HDTV. My previous TV was a 19 inch, but it was an older one, and with getting the new stuff, there was no where to put it. I got a 32 inch flat screen, and it will fit nicely on the new desk. I can’t wait to show you!! I am hoping that the desk will be set up by the time I get home. My brother in law said he would build it for me. I am really hoping that it arrives and is built before I get home. That would be sooooooo nice!

  OK, back to watching the kiddos!

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