Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So sore…

   I am trying to make more of an effort in blogging. Like I said before, I don’t know who actually reads this, but if for no one else, I am doing this for me. It’s an outlet. I am able to write what I feel, and maybe after I will feel better! Who knows?

  So yesterday morning I had my first massage therapy experience. My appointment was for 9am, and they asked me to come early to fill out new patient paperwork. I depend on para transit (for the elderly and disabled—a shared ride service called TARPS here in Toledo) to get around since I can’t drive. With it being a shared ride service, you can be on the bus for up to an hour (and sometimes longer!), so I scheduled my ride for 7:45. Now, you have to understand a little about how TARPS works to fully understand why I will sometimes get frustrated with them. Let me preface it by saying that I am VERY grateful for TARPS and the service that they provide. If it weren’t for them, I would never get to go anywhere. Not even to church, because since I moved, I live quite a ways from church.

  So I scheduled for 7:45am. They have a half an hour window to show up at your door. So this means that I need to start watching for them at 7:30, and they have until 8am to get there. Sometimes they are later than the window, but you can’t call and inquire about the whereabouts of the driver until after the window has closed. This can be frustrating sometimes. It seems that whenever I want them to come later, they come early, and when you want them to come early, they’re late. And then, you may have someone else on the bus when they come to get you, and sometimes they have another pickup or drop off before you get taken where you need to go. That’s all part of the shared ride thing. Sometimes I will be really late to where I have to go, and sometimes I am way early. And then, sometimes, I am right on time. The point is—everything varies. There really is no constant.

The driver showed up right at 7:45. I scheduled it a little earlier than normal, because I generally don’t use TARPS early in the mornings on weekdays, and was unsure of how busy they would be. Well, as luck would have it, I had a direct route to the rehab center, where I would have my massages. I got there at 8:15. I got off the bus, and the driver left, assuming that I was going right inside. I tried the door. Locked. CRUD! I called the number, and listened to the recording say that on Tuesdays, the center does not open until 9am. Every other day they open at 7:30. Just my luck, huh? So I sat down and waited. Thankfully it was nice outside—not too hot or cold. At 8:45, someone came and unlocked the door. She felt bad that I had to wait, but like I said, it was nice out, so I didn’t mind.

  Wendy, my massage therapist, showed up right at 9, and I got shown to a room. We went through some preliminaries, then she had me change into a gown, then got down to the massage. Can I just tell you how AWESOME that massage was!?!?! I enjoyed every single second of it! For the first session, I only got about a 15 minute massage, but it was a wonderful 15 minutes. I was really sad when she said that she was done. She told me that my shoulders were like speed bumps. They are all knotted up. She said it will take several sessions before that will start going away. She also said that next week (I will be going once a week) she will start with some heat first to help relax the muscles. She said that all the stress is building up right in my shoulders, and then shooting down my back. I am really glad that I asked my doctor about massage therapy. I am confident that it will be very beneficial in the long run. And I am so thankful that my insurance will cover it. It is a huge financial burden off my shoulders.

  So, Wendy told me to be sure to drink a lot of liquids through the day, because the massage releases toxins in the body, and drinking fluids will help flush it out of my system. She also said that I might be sore the next day. WHOA!!! Oh yeah—I’m sore alright! I woke up this morning, and could barely move!! So I managed to get up, and take my medicine, including my muscle relaxer. It took a little while, but eventually the pain subsided, and I was able to get through my day. I just took my second muscle relaxer of the day, and I am hoping that it kicks in soon, because right now, my shoulders feel like they are on fire!

  I am looking forward to going home tonight and going to sleep. But I am moreso looking forward to next Tuesday, when I get another massage! I have a feeling that I could get used to massages really quick!!! :)

Till next time,


Hummie said...

Oh, your blog is neglected again...but oh so pretty! Grin. Keep it up! You can do it.

I sure hope you start feeling better soon...seems your always hurting.

Dawn @DigiScrapFun said...

Thanks Hummie! Yeah... my poor neglected blog! I need to post an update... and something positive instead of posting about all my health issues... Maybe tomorrow I can do that! :) Thanks for commenting!