Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gratitude day 7

Man, what a weekend!

  I was babysitting for friends over the weekend. It was crazy! But all was forgotten when I got to church and I found out that my Windows 7 disc came in the mail!! So as soon as I got home, I got out my laptop and started the process of upgrading from Vista to 7. I have another license for my PC, but since that one is currently running XP, it is more of a process to get that one upgraded. It involves backing up everything and starting fresh pretty much. So, I’m not looking forward to the process, but I AM looking forward to having a new OS!

So today, I’m thankful for technology lol! Seriously- technology has taken the world by storm! I know I would be just fine without my gadgets, but it makes the humdrum of the daily grind so much FUN!

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