Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gratitude day 9

So, I'm doing better at keeping up with this! I guess it helps when my cell phone chirps a reminder at me ;) Today started out as a bad day. I won't get into specifics. At least not now. I'm trying to focus on the positives here and not dwell on the negatives. Today I'm thankful for my friend Linda. She is the secretary at our church, and every week she picks up lunch for me since I can't drive. Today she was such a help when I did an oopsie and spilled her Coke all over the carpet! She happened to have some carpet stain remover and so I dabbed, dabbed, dabbed at it, and praying I come back in the morning to the stain gone. Otherwise my pastor won't be so pleased with me!! Linda may not see this post, but I did tag her in my status on Facebook, so she'll know how appreciative I am of her!! See ya tomorrow!


Deanna said...

Hey hun - I'm on gmail chat most of the time - flowerscrap :)

Hummie said...

Yeah for you! You managed to turn a negative day into a positive post. :)