Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a week!

Hey there blogland! This last week has been a whirlwind for me. I've been crazy busy lately, but hey- it keeps me out of trouble, right? lol How was your Valentine's Day? Mine was ok-- Valentine's Day was my Grandpa's birthday, so I get a little sad during the first part of the day, but as the day goes on, I try to think of all the good memories and it helps me get through the day. I have photos of him up in the attic, but I can't get up there right now, or I'd share a couple with you. Maybe I will yet this week, who knows? I want to remind you all about the importance of backing up your files. Digi stash, photos, music, documents.... they are all important, and if something were to happen to your computers hard drive, I'd hate to hear that you've lost everything! I'm reminding you, because I had to remind myself last week when I thought my EHD crashed! That was soooooo scary! So, soon I will be purchasing a second hard drive. I thought about using an online sernice such as carbonite or mozy, but I have over 100gb in digi stash alone, and my transfer rate would only be 9gb a day at best, so for me, that's not a feasible option, as I don't leave my computer on 24/7. I just feel that it's not safe for your computer to leave it on all the time. How about you? What storage options do you utilize? I'd love to know!


Photographing Mom said...

I've got an EHD (may need to buy a bigger one...) and I have my photos stored at Photobucket and some on CD's. All my digiscrap stuff is backed up at iDrive. Mozy just didn't work for me. Way too slow.

Hummie said...

Just remember to take care of you!