Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ahhhh….. Vacation!

Get your coffee ready… this is a long post!

I must say, I am really enjoying my vacation here in Missouri. I’ve been here since Thursday, and I still have till Tuesday before I have to go back home!

This trip has been so good for me. I needed to step away from the everyday life for a little bit and take a breather. I feel more relaxed, and I think come Tuesday, I will be ready to face my everyday life again.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m visiting my dear friend Hummie. Prior to this trip, she and I had never met in person. But we have known each other for about three years, and I have been working for her for about a year and a half. I think that this time together has really strengthened our friendship.

So let’s see….. what have we done since I’ve been here….

Thursday- I arrived at the St Louis airport. She picked me up, and then we drove the 2 hours to her house. Then we hung out on the patio and chatted away!

Friday- She had to work during the day, but ended up having to come home early due to an injury that she incurred on her foot. Later, we went to her church  to rehearse with the music director there. (they asked me to sing at their church). Then we wet up with her hubby, and they took me to this restaurant called BG’s… and it was the most AMAZING food! In fact, the potato skins there were the best EVER!! We had a lot of fun there.

Saturday- We started out our day with a live Digiscrap Map show. I never realized how much work actually went into one of these shows!! It was fun, though! Afterwards, we went to a winery…. my first time ever at a winery, in fact. They had an authentic brick oven.. and we had pizza…. it was sooooooo yummy! After dinner, we went out to the deck to listen to the music (it was vinyl record night), take in the scenery, and just talk. It was nice and relaxing. Then we walked (as Hummie hobbled- poor thing!) to the deck and took some pictures (I need to get those photos from her camera by the way!) and chatted some more.

Sunday- I sang at BOTH of the AM services at their church. Wanna see? Both of the versions of the song are on this video… but backwards. The second service is first. Haha…

Singing at Hummie’s church

After service, we went to the outdoor waterpark. Now THAT was a lot of fun! We both had waterproof cameras with us, so we used them and took photos and videos. Hummie and I put together a little montage of some of the highlights. The first few minutes during the photos, there is no sound, but when the videos start, be sure not to have your speakers up too loud, or you’ll get blasted lol!

Waterpark fun

Turns out, we both got a lot of sun and got ourselves burnt! lol

Oh.. and then after that, we went to one of my favorite places… Culver’s restaurant. They have the BEST frozen custard!!

Monday- I was really sore that morning from being burned! I spent the day just relaxing and working in the forum. Dinner here at the house- and then the most amazing POPCORN made by Hummie’s hubby. Seriously—I need to learn his secret to that popcorn!!!

Tuesday- This was so fun…. I got to see Hummie teach a digital scrapbooking class! It was really a treat for me to observe (and sometimes help) her teaching others, and laughing and enjoying all their A-HA! moments. It really brought it to “life” for me… we all just know her teaching from her videos…. it was so cool to see her teach LIVE!

It was a tiring day for us, so we took a couple hours and just hung out and relaxed, then later that night, we had our second digiscrap map show, and scrapped a layout together. It made for an interesting evening to say the least lol. Winking smile

Wednesday- I spent the whole day (10a-5p) out on their patio with my laptop. I had a goal I wanted to achieve, which was to make sure that I have commented on every single layout in the gallery this year. I am happy to say that I have caught up with 2011! I have a little more that I have to do for 2010, but I’ll get to that eventually. Right now, I am happy! 

When Hummie got home from work, we went out to dinner to Buckner’s for dinner. That was yummy, but the greatest part was the view of the riverfront. Sadly, the river is still really high, so the flood walls are closed, and we couldn’t get the full effect, but like I told her, it just gives me another reason to come back!

Hummie drove me around their quaint little downtown area, showing me some of the landmarks, then we headed home, grabbes our swimsuits, and headed for the gym. We got into the hot tub first. AHHHHHH!!! Talk about relaxation!!! Then she led the way to the sauna. I have never been in a sauna. It was quite an experience. We chatted and prayed together (nice place for that!!), then headed to the therapy pool, where there was already a game of water volleyball going on, so we joined them. So fun, but so tiring!! I learned fairly quickly that I’m way out of shape, but I was a trooper, and even had the ladies laughing. They got a kick out of the faces I was making apparently lol!

By the time we got back, I was completely wiped out!! We watched some TV, had some popcorn (I’m telling you, this stuff is amazing!!), and called it a night.

Which brings us to today. I’ve pretty much just hung out here at their house, kind of recouping from yesterday. Muscles I forgot I even had (haha) were screaming at me this morning! Now, Hummie should be home any minute, and I’ll have to come back and tell you what we ended up doing!!

If you read up to this point, you’re quite a trooper!! I’m proud of you! I will have to come back and share some photos with you all later when she and I have a chance to share photos with each other. 

Until next time,


Photographing Mom said...

You've got a beautiful voice and I'm so glad y'all are having a GREAT time!!

Hummie said...

I read it all and it's awesome....just like I remember it!

NOW -- put that list of firsts together before you forget!

Wingz said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! I like the part about the gym...though saunas are not for me. Wonderful journalling.