Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be positive, be positive!

OK, so I have had a rough time over the last couple weeks especially, but I am CHOOSING to be positive, and not dwell on the negative, or allow the negative thoughts to darken my doorway.

The facts (according to the doctor), are that I’m having (according to the last sleep study done in 2007) 22-28 breathing episodes within one hour. Those episodes could be anywhere from a little cough, me snoring (or as my friends will call it—sawing logs, lol), up to me temporarily stopping breathing while I’m sleeping. I don’t have a long enough break in between episodes to enter true REM sleep mode, and therefore never officially enter “dreamland”. I have been having a lot of issues with sleep, and according to the 3 hour long doctor visit, the lack of slep could be, and probably is the root cause of a ton of health problems that I have been having.

So…. if the sleep issue is the root of a lot of my health problems, I am CHOOSING to stay positive that the sleep study I am having to do this coming Friday will help to put an end to the sleep problems and get me healthier, by getting my CPAP adjusted and getting fitted for the correct mask. The CPAP has been ineffective up until now, because the respiratory therapist who originally set everything up didn’t do it appropriately.

There is more involved in this whole ordeal, but I’m really condensing it—mostly because I don’t want to bore you with details.

I guess the purpose of this post (I know, I haven’t posted in awhile—I need to work on that!) is to ask you all- those of you that believe in prayer—to agree with me that the sleep study will go well, and that the problems that I encounter on a typical night at home will reproduce there during the study as well, and “murphy’s law” won’t happen—so we can get the problems addressed and treated, and I can start sleeping better.

I may be choosing to think positive, but I am human! I am really nervous about this test. It isn’t a walk in the park, and I know—I’ve done it a few times now. There’s all kinds of electrodes and wires hooked up to you, and they expect you to sleep like that!! I’ll have to try to remember to take a picture of myself with all the wires on me, so that you get an idea. (and probably a good laugh! Smile)I know I took one back in 2007--- I wonder if I still have it? Hmmmm….

Anyway, thanks for the thought and prayers. They are certainly appreciated!!!

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