Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 10- Lunch with friends and out for dinner

After the awesome pampering from the day before, I was able to sleep in until 10am!!! THAT was soooooooo nice!

When I got up, I got showered and whatnot, and I spent a lot of time in the room I was staying in. I was able to start getting myself organized for repacking (boo!) and whatnot. I left two outfits out for the rest of the weekend, but packed everything else away.

Hummie had premade plans to have lunch with friends of hers, so I went along to Dairy Queen, where I had a sweet apple barbecue hamburger. It was actually really yummy! I just couldn’t eat much of the fries, cause the burger filled me up, and those fries were piping HOT!!! I had a frozen lemonade to drink, and I mainly just listened to the friends talk.

Hummie dropped me off at the house, and I went back into the room and tried to take a little nap, but I ended up watching a show on my cell phone (I have a smart phone with a decent size screen), then listened to some music.

When they were home from work, we decided to go to Pagliai’s (I may have misspelled that), a local “hot spot” pizzeria. We had appetizers of a sampler between garlic cheese bread, mozzarella sticks, and friend ravioli. I had never had the latter before, and YUM!!! They were good!

Then the pizza came out. It was half pepperoni, and half house special (sausage, onions, and green peppers, I think). I had one piece left to eat, but I just couldn’t do it!!! I was stuffed!!

We went back to the house and watched a DVD they had from Blockbuster. Something about “The Pacific” I think. It is a war series that was on HBO or something like that. It was interesting to watch what it was like in the war.

After that, I think we watched MasterChef, and then by that point, we were all fading out. Bedtime!

Stay tuned for the last full day of me being in Missouri: The Adventure!

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Tammy said...

Relaxing days are fun, too. :)