Monday, July 23, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 2

Even though I got in so late the night before, I needed to be up early, as I had a rehearsal with the music director of their church. I am singing at both of their services on Sunday. When she left, I kind of bummed around for a little while, but then I started to mill around the forum a little, then let family know I was here.

Then Keith (the music director) picked me up and we headed to rehearsal. It went really well, and I was excited that they got a new piano (a baby grand I believe) And then headed back to the house.

I texted with Hummie and we tentatively decided we would leave for our camping trip when she got home from work, provided that we got everything packed and ready by then.

Around 11:30, I was feeling really tired, so I did lay down for a half hour to rest a little, cause I knew the rest of my day would be busy.

When she came home for lunch, we went straight to work on getting things together that we needed. We got all the stuff from the basement (they are hard core campers! They had 3 boys in scouts, so I suppose they had to be!), and before she left, she left me with some “Hummie-Do’s” to do before she got home from work.

So I scrubbed down a couple of collapsible water jugs and filled them up with water, and cleaned out the cooler, and made sure everything on her list was there and accounted for. Then I went about packing my clothes and things I would need for myself. In hindsight, the only thing I forgot to do was to make sure my camera batteries were all charged. Cause they weren’t. Sad smile So most of our pictures were from her phone, or my cell phone (if we weren’t in water)

We hit the road around 6:30 to start our three hour trip. We got to see a spectacular sunset on the way! Just breathtaking!! Especially out on the rural roads where you don’t have all those city lights and whatnot getting in the way.

We arrived at the camp around 10pm. I wasn’t a whole lot of help with the tent set up (it’s dark and I can’t see very well), but this tent was one of those pop up kinds, so it really didn’t take a whole lot of effort. We had the tent up, mattress blown up, and in bed within 40 minutes!! Pretty impressive!

I may be missing a few details here and there, so I will edit this post as I remember things…. or as I get reminded of them, as the case may be! lol


Just A Mommie said...

What a whirlwind of a day! I bet it was nice to get to bed that night!

Tammy said...

How fun!! I am so hoping my family and I can get a camping trip in this summer!