Monday, July 23, 2012

Missouri Trip- Day 3- Camping!!!

So here we are, in a tent, and I slept pretty well! Hummie says I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat lol! And I think I kept her up most of the night with my snoring. You can’t use a CPAP in the outdoors!!!

We got up, and made breakfast. Bacon and scrambled eggs on the camp stove! (because of how dry it is here, camp fires are prohibited right now) The food was yummy and filling! We went down to the showers to freshen up, and dressed in our swimsuits to go canoeing. We packed our lunch and drink bags, and headed out to Carr’s Canoe Rental to rent our canoe.

When we got there, I discovered some really cool hats that they have there. I was wearing a hat, but I was afraid that I would lose it if we were to capsize in the river, and these ones had that string that went around your chin, so I got one. And I love that hat!!! I wore it pretty much the whole weekend!!

We had to be driven to the location where we would “put in” our canoe, and I will admit I was getting really nervous at this point. I had never been in a canoe before, and I was really leery of it. I mean…. even getting in the darn thing freaked me out! So off we went, starting our adventure. Hummie rocked the boat, and I about flipped out, but she just laughed, saying we wouldn’t flip unless either one of us stood up, or we got hit by a rock or branch in the water.

After a short while, I began to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that was all around us. It was just an astounding view! For the most part, the water was very calm, but of course, you have several sections of rapids as well. Those were tricky at first, but I got used to it. At this point, I’m totally comfortable with turning to talk to Hummie, and I even got the courage to flip my legs around and sit backwards, facing her.

We stopped for lunch at a beautiful location, with bluffs and some rapids nearby. So peaceful! We had turkey and cheese, and pringles, along with water/mountain Dew. Oh, and carrot sticks too.

We did capsize one time the whole way, and that was towards the end. A branch that was sticking out got the better of us, and down we went! It wasn’t too horrible though, as all of the stuff that we brought were tied to the canoe- so we didn’t lose anything. Once I got my head above water and was able to see, I grabbed the one ore that I could find, but the other one wasn’t in sight. There were some people on the beach there that helped us bring the canoe up and dump the water out of it, and I spotted the other ore. It was being held from the current in a tree branch. But it was RIGHT in the rapids. I decided that I would take a stab at rescuing it. I really doubted myself a lot and kept saying “I can’t do this!” But Hummie was yelling, “Yes, you can! It’s RIGHT THERE!!!” It took a few tries, and a LOT of praying, but I finally realized that if I kept walking straight ahead (not near the rapids) and get in front of it, then I could allow the current to get me down where I needed to be to get the ore. It worked…. sort of. I didn’t give myself long enough to get totally in front of the branch, but my saving grace was that I got ahold of the branch and pulled myself to where the ore was (going against the rapids). So I grabbed the ore, let go of the branch, and allowed myself to be whisked back to where the canoe was. I was huffing and puffing the whole way back to the beach, and ended up needing my rescue inhaler, but really—I’m kind of glad that we capsized and that I went for the ore, because in doing so, I realized that I am stronger than I think I am. In more ways than one.

So we get back in the canoe, and I’m back to being leery again about turning around in the canoe, but we didn’t have far to go till we reached our destination. After the “dump though, I didn’t dare even attempt to turn towards Hummie anymore. At that point, I’d reached my adventurous limit lol!

After getting the canoe back and leaving the canoe rental place, we headed to Rocky Falls. There were a lot of people there. Actually, there was a youth group there from Grand Rapids Michigan, who were just coming back from a Missions Trip to Joplin to help tornado victims. Because of the drought, there wasn’t a whole lot of water coming from the falls, but it was still really cool to see!

After leaving there, we went to Blue Springs. This place is AWESOME!!!! The spring is over 300 feet deep, and the sign there said that you could put the statue of Liberty in the spring, and the tip of the flame would still be 5 feet underwater!!! I’ve never seen such clear water!! You could pretty much see all the way to the bottom! I was completely speechless at the sight!!!

We also wallowed in the water at Powder Mill for a little while. Would have stayed longer, but there were a lot of people there, and one vehicle was blaring some really not so nice music, so we ended up leaving and heading back to camp.

Back at camp, we ate dinner (cheddar brats, carrot sticks, chips, and applesauce), made some smores (mine without chocolate of course), and played a couple games of checkers, both of which I lost lol. Hummie wanted to teach me to play better, but I was so tired, I declined. We then went to bed and I slept pretty soundly!

Coming up… Day 4! Horseback riding and more exploring! Stay tuned!!


Just A Mommie said...

Yay for you going to get that ore! I would NEVER had done it. I'm just way too chicken! What a fun time!

Tammy said...

Good for you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!! :)