Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 4- Horseback riding and more exploring

I must say before I go on about the day, how hard it is to blog about all of this AFTER the fact!! I mean…. Here it is Monday and I’m blogging about the weekend! And so much happened over the weekend, I’m racking my brain trying to remember every detail that I possibly can!!

OK, so Saturday morning, I woke up (before Hummie for once!!) at 5:45 because…. well…. I needed to empty my bladder. Bwahahahaa! I start moving around, and Hummie wakes up. She also can’t believe that I woke up before she did. We need to be at the Horse Ranch (I’ll link it up later, as the name escapes me at the moment)by 7:30, so we need to book it to shower, and get as much packed up as we can before heading out. We managed to get everything loaded except for the tent and the air mattress. We got to the ranch just in time, and we met Kathy (I think that was her name!!!) We went inside, signed some waiver things, and we went to get on our horses. My horses name was Jake, but for reason, I kept calling him Bubba or Buddy. No idea. LOL! I’ve been on a horse before, but it’s been a REALLY long time, and the experience we had was FAR from what I was imagining!! What I had in mind was wide open FLAT land. NOPE!! What we got was a trail in the FOREST!! I’m talking uphill, downhill, rocky trail, with obstacles (like large fallen branches for example). Jake had to gallop up the hills and he slid only once going down a steep incline, but I kept my cool and best of all I stayed on the horse the whole time!!! It would have been pretty hard to get back up on that thing without the steps to assist!!!

Hummie’s horses name was Scout. He and Hummie were at the caboose of the three of us (the two of us and Kathy, our guide).Hummie had taken her DSLR camera with her, and I thought about taking mine, but I was afraid of dropping it, so I didn’t. Turned out to be a good thing too, cause I probably would have! We stopped in the trail at a particularly great spot, and Kathy (Gosh, I sure hope I have her name right!!) offered to take our picture. We took her up on that, and got closer together for the photo, but Jake and Scout must not get along too well. I had to bring Jake up a bit to keep his face away from Scout’s.

It really was an enjoyable hour ride. I was almost sad for it to end, but at the same time, my legs hurt!! I assumed I would get off the same way I got on… with the steps. But NOPE!!! I had to throw one leg over and slide off!! I was thinking I’d be walking like a penguin after that, but I was doing pretty well! She said the next time we come, she’d take us on the trail down by the Current River. At $40 bucks an hour, I think that will have to wait till the next trip to Missouri!! lol!

We stayed and chatted with Kathy and then her mom came in and we chatted with her some, but then we needed to go. So we headed back into the car and headed back to the campsite to buy our tickets for the cave tour.

We went back to the campsite to tear down the tent and air mattress and put them away, then off we went for the 2 hour tour of Round Springs Cave. I will admit that I was nervous about the cave as well… especially since my last cave experience in Ohio last month was rocky since my vision is not good. So, I took my white cane with me, and that turned out to be a good decision. The tour was fun, although I was concentrating so hard on where I was going (this was a lantern tour… no lights in this cave like there were in the other one!), that I really didn’t get to see a lot of the cave decoration unless we were stopped for Ranger Sarah to talk about a particular room.

By the time the tour was done, we were pretty much spent. We were already hurting from the canoeing and the horses. So, we drove over to Round Springs and saw that, then we were off to Alley Mill and Springs. This place was amazing!! And beautiful! We enjoyed the outdoor part for awhile and took photos, then we went inside the mill, where the ranger told us about the mill and where the term “milling around” comes from. Then we went upstairs and saw the exhibits, went back outside, took a few more photos, then got in the car and explored the campsites near there. Hummie and her hubby are thinking about going back next month since he wasn’t able to come with us this time.

When we got back into Eminence, we decided it would be good to stop for a late lunch, since we didn’t eat breakfast, and we’ve pretty much just had junk food. We went to a “country restaurant” that I won’t even bother giving the name to, because honestly, we weren’t impressed at all. Hummie ordered a philly cheese steak sandwich with a salad and onion rings, and her favorite part was the salad. The sandwich was burnt and she didn’t like the onion rings. I ordered Country Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes and onion rings. When it came to the table, it was covered in brown gravy!!! Um… isn’t it supposed to be country WHITE gravy??? Blech. And the potatoes were oh so obviously instant, and had the consistency of play-doh. However, I did like the onion rings. I guess a difference of opinion there. We don’t have to agree on everything, right?? LOL

After leaving there, we headed to Big Springs. Oh. My. Word! Totally worth that trip for sure!! That place was THE MOST AMAZING place!!! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to go there. I have photos and even a video, but none of that does this place justice. I mean- really. It’s just astounding! I have never seen water so blue!! Just awesome!!

After Big Springs, we headed back to the house, and when we got there, her hubby was so kind to allow us to come in and rest while he unpacked the car. So nice of him!! We watched So You Think You can Dance, then off to bed we went… cause the next day I had to be up at 6am!!!

So that completes our weekend of camping fun…. tomorrow comes singing at church- twice! And celebrating Hummie’s Hubby’s Birthday by doing what HE wanted to do…. go to a couple wineries!

Till tomorrow….


Just A Mommie said...

Wow, I can't believe you guys fit all that stuff into one weekend! Glad you both had fun!

Diane said...

I wanted to read it all before stopping to comment. I saw the videos, too, and it really looks like a fun-filled weekend! I can just see you walking like a penguin! That would be me!! You sure covered a lot of ground (and water!) in one weekend! Let the fun continue.....

Tammy said...

You had one fun-filled weekend, Dawn!! I'm so glad you shared it.

One thing that helps me to remember things is to make notes on my phone of things. :)