Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 5- Singing, and celebrating

After a long (but very fun) weekend, you’d think I’d get to sleep in, right? NOPE! haha! I had to get up at 6 am to get ready for church. My friends’ church has two services, and I had been asked to sing at both of them! We had rehearsal at 7:30, and the first service was at 7:45. This is the more conservative group. They recently purchased a new piano- a baby grand, I believe. So Keith (the music director) has been trying to get soloists to use the piano rather than guitar or other instruments.

After I sang, there was silence. Not that I’m demanding applause, cause I’m not that way, but I’m just used to it at my church I guess. But I got a lot of compliments after church, which was nice, but also- something I don’t expect. Then we went into the meeting room for Sunday School. After that, it was time for the second service. This time I did get applause, and I was kind of taken aback, until Hummie explained it to me. After church, we went into their gymnasium for a potluck. It was in honor of their Vicar. Lots of great food! I ate way too much!!

Since we were camping on Hummie’s Hubby’s (also called Hub-E) birthday, we had told him that we would do whatever he wanted to do for his birthday. Something that they enjoy is wineries, and there is a cave winery about an hour away, so we came home, changed, and off we went.

I’m not a drinker, but I was at wineries with them last year, and it is actually quite nice! The atmosphere is totally different in what you would see in a bar setting. Lovely scenery, and sometimes live music as well! At this winery, you can do some wine tasting, then your entry into the cave is basically buying a bottle of wine. They did, and I bought a bottle of water. We rode down to the cave, and it was a pleasant time, as it is much cooler in the cave than the heat outside. We tried to get good photos, but they all made the cave look like it was orange.

I drank my water out of one of the wine glass (more fun that way!) and we just sat and talked. Until I pulled a surprise on her!! hehehe

So… several of the ladies in the forum and I got together and made plans to surprise Hummie with several gifts as a way of thanking her for all that she has done for us in teaching us digital scrapbooking. We have something up our sleeve, but we wanted to do tangible things for her as well that she can keep forever and remember how much we love her, so the first surprise revealed was a gift certificate to a local nursery. She has always wanted a holly bush, but because they are expensive, she has never gotten one. So we did it for her! Smile And BOY was she surprised!!! We got it on video and shared it with the forum members so they could feel like they were right there with us.

Shortly after that, we left, and decided to go to a more commercialized winery, so that I could see the difference in family owned and commercial wineries. Let me tell you…. Crown Valley is HUGE!! There’s a store in the front section, then you walk through this…. well… walkway I guess, then you have a bar-looking area for wine tasting, then on the other side is a deli, then there’s a deck out back with a bistro (I think??) out there too. We got there pretty close to closing time.

The wine of the month was peach, and so I decided to try it. It wasn’t bad, but since I’m not a drinker, it’s not something I would rush to buy a bottle of. The ounce or whatever the size of the sample is was enough for me. What I did like, however, was the sangrias. The one I had had just a hint of the wine in it, but it had fruit juices, lemonade (that sold it for me right there!) and ginger ale in it. I ended up giving my other tokens to Hummie and Hub-E because I was just fine with what I had. And the gentleman who waited on us was very kind. We told him about how I found it cool that I wasn’t carded (cause I was at the other place), and he was like “Well I just trusted you because you were with them, and so I figured you were old enough”. (or something to that effect… maybe I shouldn’t have quoted that lol!) When I told him how old I was, I don’t think he believed it at first!! Yeah…. I get that a lot. Haha. He was so kind to us, that before we left, I had to ask for a picture, so I can scrap about it later. I’m not sure how many people ask for them to take a picture with them, so I was glad that he agreed!

There weren’t many people around, so we chatted with him for awhile, then went outside. My WORD it was beautiful out there!!! We got some pictures… but I haven’t seen them yet lol. They were closing down early, so we headed to the car. I made some comment about wanting to drive in the parking lot, and OH MY GOSH she actually let me!!! I was sooooo geeked!! I jumped out of the car and nearly collided with her going around the vehicle lol! Now… before you freak out… the lot was EMPTY!!!! There’s nothing for me to hit, so don’t freak out on me, k?? Smile

I put it in gear, and at first, I hit the gas a little too hard, but after that, it was smooth sailing. She couldn’t believe that I wasn’t allowed to get a license because of my eyes. My response was “Um… I’m in an empty lot. There’s nothing for me to hit!” LOL! Trust me… coming from someone who attempted to get her license, but failed because I almost hit someone on a bike… it’s a GOOD thing I don’t have one. But it was really COOL to drive through the lot. When she felt like she was gonna be sick (motion sickness), I gently stopped, put it in park, and climbed out of the car. That was so much FUN!!!! Is there anyone in Ohio that would let me do that??????? I doubt it. They’d be too afraid! But Hummie will tell you… I did GOOOOOOD!!!!!

We got back home, and watched my FAVORITE movie…. Dolphin Tale. I think they liked it. I don’t think they were bored…. but then again… I think both of them drifted off throughout the movie lol!!!  But Hub-E made popcorn…and he makes THE BEST POPCORN EVERRRRRRR!!!! Seriously. I’m not kidding!!

That was pretty much my day. And a good one it was!!!!

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Sounds like fun!! I'm so glad you are sharing this.