Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 6 Rest and relax!!

Monday Monday!!!

First of all…. I slept in!!!! YEAH!!! That was nice and much needed!!

While Hummie and Hub-E were away at work, I did some computer stuff, and just basically hung out.

When they got home, we went to eat at Casa Mexicana. I had a taco salad. I know—I’m boring lol!

Then we took Hub-E back home so he could work on some things, then Hummie and I went to Best Buy to get her second surprise… a wireless Range Extender. She has trouble getting an internet connection in her room or on the patio, so this will help boost the signal. She was surprised! Mission accompished!

Then we went down to the Mississippi river front in downtown Cape. I finally got to see the other side of the flood wall, and it was cool! We took some pictures and just relaxed. Then we heard a train coming, so we hurried to the flood wall to get video and pics. You have to understand… we were standing literally 5 FEET from the track!! CRAZY!!! I got the video, and she took pictures.

Then we sat down again, just relaxing and enjoying the view. Then when the lights came on, we went back to the river front to walk along the walkway again and take some more pictures. Then we heard ANOTHER train coming! This time from the other direction! I got some of it on video again, but this time, it freaked me out, so the video wasn’t that long. We headed back to the car and headed home, where we watched Master Chef (one of our favorite shows). From there, I think we all went to our rooms (oh, did I mention I have a room here this time around and not sleeping on the living room floor on an air mattress? Not that that’s a bad thing or anything lol) and drifted off to sleep.

Another good day!!!

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Tammy said...

Fun! Hope you are sleeping well. :)