Thursday, July 26, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 7~ Video editor extraordinaire! lol

So this morning for some strange reason, I get up early. Ha! But that’s good though, since I was able to say bye to Hummie before she left for work.

Have I really been here for 7 days already??? Unreal!!!

After she left, I put a load of laundry in the washer. Let me tell you, that wasn’t the easiest thing to do lol! She has a VERY high tech washer and dryer! lol!

Then I came back upstairs, and started working on the video presentation for Hummie’s Surprise on Thursday. While this was fun to put together, it was also sort of frustrating, cause the music wasn’t lining up like it was supposed to. After several hours, I finally got it done. Only to discover that not only did I accidently exclude someone from the video…. my part had very low sound! Ack!! So I had to go back and re-record my part of the video, then edit everything again to line it up. And I was able to add in another video greeting that was sent in too. So that was good… but then it had to render again, and upload again… and it just seemingly took FOREVER! lol

By the time it was uploading to youtube, they were back home from work. Hummie and I sat in the living room, each with our laptops, and worked on various things.

Cindy (who I babysit for) video called me on Skype, because Robbie wanted to show me the new thing he’s doing. He can do a headstand! Cool! (He’s 5) It was cool to talk to them. He wanted to see where I was sleeping, and he was just curious about everything. Maybe we can skype again while I am here so I can show them the outside. He would FLIP over her garden here!!!

We had Philly cheese sandwiches for dinner with caramelized onions and then we were doing a video hangout in google plus with Debbie and Sheila from the forum, and recorded some of it on youtube so some others can view later. I also got to show her the video that was made in honor of her. I think she was surprised! And there were even tears!!! I can’t wait to reveal the final two surprises!!!

After the chat, we just hung out till we were tired, then went to bed.

We didn’t go out and do anything…. but that is totally OK! It was good to just be able to relax!!

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Tammy said...

So glad you were able to get the videos to work. You did a wonderful job, Dawn!