Thursday, July 26, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 8

Wednesday morning I got up before Hummie left for work, so I was able to say bye before she left. Then I did my usual morning routine of something small for breakfast. I generally don’t eat breakfast, but with some of the pills I take, I have to eat something. I think I had a bagel with peanut butter on it. Oh, yes I did! Cause I remember the funny thing that happened!

OK, so I put the bagel in the toaster, put the lever down, and made a quick pit stop. I come back into the kitchen, and the bagels are still down. Hmmm. I go to investigate. Oh! It’s not plugged in!! DUH!! OK, so I plug it in and put the lever back down again, and go into the living room to do something. Come back in, and it’s STILL not toasting!!! So…. I guess it would help to plug the right cord in, huh? LOL!

I FINALLY got my bagel toasted, put the PB on it, grab a glass of milk, and went out in the living room to eat while browsing the forum.

After Hummie got off work, we headed out to her great niece’s birthday party at a bounce house. That was fun, but a little intimidating for me, as I didn’t know anyone there except Hummie. But it was fun to see the kids playing. I joked with a couple of the moms Bouncy kids make for sleepy kids later!” I may not be a mom myself, but I am around kids enough to know this lol!

After we left there, we headed to this church in a nearby town, where there is this traveling evangelical team, that comes to churches, canvases the area, and helps the church with potentially getting new members. They are a young mid to young college aged group, and they do things like singing, dramas, puppets, and things like that. Hummie and Hub-E housed their two leaders for the night, so we had gone there to eat with them, go to the service, and bring them back to the house.

Now, while I’m not Lutheran myself, it was still very intriguing to me. I told them up front that I wasn’t Lutheran, but that I am a Christian, and they were very kind and not judgmental at all. I was quite impressed.

We chatted with them until close to midnight, then we all went to bed for the night.

Tomorrow is a revealing of one of the big surprises for Hummie, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!!


Tammy said...

Sounds fun! I'd be very nervous not knowing anyone else at a party!

Kim said...

How did I not know you have a blog, Dawn? What a great way to share your trip, among other things with everyone!

Willogemz Designz said...

wooohooo I found your blog :) Now if only I could figure out how to follow you :/ It's not showing up anywhere for me :( I loved reading your blog!!!