Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Missouri Trip Day 9- More surprises in store!!

OK, so this is MUCH harder to blog now that I’m back home!!! But I am trying SO hard to remember everything for you all! Hopefully Hummie can remind me if I miss something! Haha!

Since we had overnight guests, I slept on the couch, and got up early with all of them and it was nice to sit around the table and (even though I didn’t eat) talk. Blender blasts are amazing… I’m just sayin’! I didn’t even realize that if the table was pulled out, there is a bench seat. Who woulda thunk it? lol!

After they left, I went to work getting the bedding washed (hey- they are allowing me to stay with them… the LEAST I can do is do a couple loads of laundry, right???). Oh my goodness… her washer and dryer is SO HIGH TECH!! It took me a little bit to figure it out, but I DID conquer the machines!! Hooray!!! lol. I also did some of my laundry as well.

During Hummie’s lunch, she was showing me a project she is working on for the store. I can’t tell you what it is, but I CAN tell you it is SUPER COOL!!! That hour went by pretty fast, and I was sure to remind her that she needed to get home right away so we weren’t late for her surprise. At this point, she didn’t even know where we were going! Ha! I’m sooooo bad!!

When she got home from work, I was literally bouncing with excitement! She can vouch for that! She came in the house, and I was like “We have to go!!!” but she needed to make sure she had her camera…. bah!!! LOL… “It’s customary to be late” she says… and inwardly I’m screaming “BUT NOT FOR THIS!!!!” Oh, what a sight it was!!

I can now tell you that the location where we were going was the SAME PLACE that we were the day before for the birthday party… just next door! All the way there, I was moving… I couldn’t stop! I was THAT excited!!

Are you ready to know why??

As part of the surprise that was planned, we were BOTH treated at a high end salon with hour long Swedish massages, manicures, and pedicures. AHHHHHHHH!!! SO nice!!!

We walked in, and we had to fill out some paperwork, then we were whisked away to the massage rooms. Oh, I should mention that there was a thunderstorm outside, and it actually helped me to relax more… the sound of thunder can be relaxing when you’re not terrified of it!

The massage rooms adjoined by french doors. After getting situated on the tables, they opened the doors so we could talk or whatever, but honestly, I was so focused on the relaxation, that I didn’t talk much. I started out laying on my stomach with my head on this pillow that had the scent of eucalyptus. I love that!!

I won’t go into great detail about the massage, but suffice to say that it was SO nice, and if I’m ever able to, I certainly would do it again!

After the hour of pure pampering, we went for our pedicures. Hummie was so excited just about having her feet I the hot tub thing. Now, I have had mani/pedi’s before, so it was fun watching her experience it for the first time. The lady I had, Martha, took a lot of time working on my feet. Neither her or the lady working on Hummie rushed through anything, which was nice for me. And actually, there was something I had never done before…. we both had masks put on our feet, and they were wrapped in hot towels for awhile. THAT was nice!! I don’t know what the mask was (I’ll have to look it up later), but it really made my feet soft.

My sister works in a salon, and she told me what color to use on my nails, right down to the name…. Cajun Shrimp. Now doesn’t that just sound appetizing?? LOL! The color is a coral color, bright, and almost exactly matches the purse I had brought with me!

Hummie, who does not normally wear polish, chose a more natural brownish/tan color, and it looks so nice on her!

To get the polish on our toes, they used cotton in between, then they slipped these thin flip flop looking things on our feet. Hummie sure got a kick out of that!!

After the luxurious Pedicure, we went over to get our manicures. I have a nail biting issue, as well as a ton of hangnails, and so a LOT of cuticle oil was used.

After almost 3 hours of pampering, it was time to go, and we walked out into the much needed rain to her car and then to the house, where her hubby continued to wait on us and made us drinks and popcorn and we settled down to watch some TV.

It was a wonderful day, and I think Hummie really enjoyed her surprise!! Again, to all the ladies involved, thanks for helping me pull this off!!

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Tammy said...

Wow! That was quite the pampering! So glad it was enjoyed! :)