Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Misssouri Trip Day 11- The Adventurous Last full day of Vacation

When we first got up, we were talking about what we wanted to do that day. It was decided that we would first go to the Farmer’s Market, cause they wanted me to experience it, and also to eat a Mennonite Donut. After that, we were going to head to Hummie’s friends’ shop, and then go pick out her holly bush, and then go from there.

We headed out around 9, and started the trek to the market. Well—we didn’t quite make it there. I can’t go into much detail right now, but we were involved in a car accident. It was not at all our fault, and we are all fine, but the car got banged up, and well… it messed up our plans. So after spending time on scene taking care of that, we ended up going back to the house, getting their sons car, taking the damaged car to the shop, then going to get the bushes.

With the gift certificate, Hummie was able to get her holly bush, another bush she has wanted, and a houseplant. We took those back to the house, and then set off for Bollinger Mill. I really wanted to see the covered bridge. Well, I was disappointed in that the bridge was being renovated and we couldn’t walk up to the bridge. But we did get a tour of the mill, which was actually very interesting. It’s so neat to see how things were done back then.

Hummie and I were geeked out over all the old hinges and other hardware on the machines. We were taking more pictures of them, and other textures than of any of the machines themselves! I mean- come on- We’re digital scrapbookers, and when you see something cool like that, you get photos, so that you can extract them and make digital products with them!! DUH!! lol!

After the tour, we went outside and got some pictures of the bridge and waterfall outside, then started heading out towards Indian Hills Winery, where we would go to relax after such a stressful morning.

We had not eaten since the pizzeria the night before, so we got a cheese and bread appetizer, then got sandwiches and chips for our meal… well, I had a chicken caesar wrap that was really yummy!

We sat on this patio that had fans running, and we just enjoyed the wonderful breeze and the peace and quiet of the country. There weren’t many people around, and so I decided this would be a great place to reveal the final surprise. I gave her hubby the camera to video record the event. We had a card for her with all of our names in it, and cash to help pay off her laptop that she ended up needing to buy, as her old one- that was faithful to her for so many years- finally started to wear out on her, and it was necessary to get a new one. I must say that having all these surprises for her was so much fun!

After all the other guests had left, they had asked about the pond, and got permission to swim in it. Last year, they went in the water at a winery, and it’s now become sort of a tradition for us! Now… I didn’t get into the water, but Hub-E did, and it was hilarious!! He said it was muddy…. yeah- you can have that all to yourself, dude!!

Shortly after, we started the trek back to the house, and I don’t remember what we did before bed! I think we were just all on overload from the day, and ended up going to bed early.

Still to come—final day in Missouri, and the trek back home.

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That video was SO special!!!