Monday, July 23, 2012

My Missouri Adventure Day 1- TRAVEL DAY

Hey everyone!

I know that it’s been forever since I have blogged, but since I have promised Hummie that I would remember to journal my days, I’m going to hopefully get back into a routine where I can start blogging regularly again. How many days do they say it takes to create and keep a routine? Hopefully this will work! lol

So Yesterday morning, I woke up around 6:30am so I could shower and get ready before my friend Cindy (who will be driving me to the airport) brings over her daughter for me to watch for a few hours while she did things she needed to do. She then picked us up around 1pm, then we had to head to the pharmacy (because I didn’t have enough of one of my meds for the whole trip), then drive about 30 minutes to drop her kids at a sitter (there are 5 of them, so it’s much easier to leave them with someone rather than cart them all into the airport!!!). From there, we started our one hour trek into Michigan. Our first stop was to get gas, then we went somewhere I have always wanted to go, but never have….. IKEA!!!! Let me tell you… that place is AWESOME!!!! I could probably write a blog post just all about that lol… but I won’t! Let’s just suffice to say that I ate swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes there for a late lunch (didn’t eat breakfast, so I was starving!!), then we started to peruse the store. While there were MANY things I was tempted to buy, I walked out of there with one single purchase… a $2 bath mat! We’ve been needing a new one for awhile, and I couldn’t pass it up for 2 bucks!

I should mention that my flight was scheduled to take off from Detroit Metro at 7:20. Well, thankfully yesterday morning, I remembered to sign up for the flight status text alerts. Which was a good thing, because as we were eating, I got a text that my flight was delayed until 8:45! Drat!!

We arrived at the airport at 5:30, and got checked in and bags checked. I was nervous that perhaps I went over the weight limit, but nope! SAFE! Phew!

Since I am visually impaired, they arranged for someone to assist me through the security checkpoint, and get me to my gate. I am SO thankful for that! Helped me immensely! Once we were through security, I was told that there was a lot of bad weather on the east coast, and so the plane from Albany to Baltimore was delayed. That plane would go from Albany, to Baltimore, then to Detroit to head to St Louis, then on to Houston.

My airport guide got me seated at my gate, and pretty much left me—what else could he do? So as I sit there, I get a text that now my plane was delayed until 11:05! What!?!?!? Thankfully, I was sitting with some really nice people, and we took turns watching each others things so that we could use the restroom, and do a little walking to stretch our legs.

At 10:50, we all applauded when it was finally announced that the plane we’d been waiting for had arrived, and that we would be boarding soon. The “red cap” as they are called, came over to get me after the plane was cleared to board, and I was the first to board the aircraft! Wooo!! We took off at 11:15, and it was really an unremarkable flight, in that we were traveling in the dark, so there were no cool clouds to see or anything like that. The main cabin lights were also off, so the only light was from those who were reading or working on their laptops.

We arrived in St Louis at 11:50 local time (I gained an hour!!!), and there was a nice getleman there to take me to baggage claim. Hummie’s hubby was in the wrong terminal at first, but he soon found us, yet even after having someone there, the red cap didn’t take the hint that we didn’t need him any longer lol.

Soon thereafter, Hummie arrived with the car, we loaded up, and started the 2 hour trek to Cape. We talked a lot on the way, and of course it was wonderful to finally see them! When we got to their house, we needed to wind down before bed, so we watched some of “So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), which is a show that they got me addicted to last year when I was here. We ended up going to bed around 3:30 in the morning, and by then, we were all whipped!! What a trip!!


Just A Mommie said...

I'm glad you arrived safely, but my goodness! 3:30! I wouldn't have been able to function the next day, er, later that day!

Tammy said...

Somehow I got unsubscribed from your blog...I don't remember doing it, though! Anyway, I found it again and am catching up now. :)