Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Concerts are fun!

I am a big Kari Jobe fan. I have been for several years. Up until this past Sunday, I had never seen her live. Two months ago, I learned that she was coming to the Detroit area, and I found a way to go!!

I paid for the VIP passes, and I found out a couple days prior that I was invited to a worship leaders roundtable discussion that would take place even before the VIP stuff! Woooo!!! Space was limited to 25 people, so when I had applied for it 3 weeks prior, I wasn’t counting on an invitation… but I am so glad that I did!!!

I was hoping that with such a smaller group, we would get a chance to meet Kari and Anthony in person… autographs, photos and such, but no luck there. However, I did ask a question in the discussion, so I did have eye contact with Kari for a couple minutes! Smile haha!

What I didn’t know, was that on top of Kari, and All Sons & Daughters, there was someone else there as well…… Anthony Evans!! If you watch NBC’s The Voice, you saw him on last season. He was on Christina’s team.

So, here’s some photos of the roundtable discussion:


After this session, I sort of assumed that we would be invited (those of us with VIP passes anyway) to go into the auditorium. NOPE!! We got sent back outside, to stand in line again. But really… While yes it was hard on me (with what all I was carrying) to stand outside, I didn’t really lose out on anything. I ended up with 5th row front center stage seats. Not bad at all!!

The VIP part wasn’t what I was expecting. There were about 300-500 people, and we had all of a half an hour to ask questions. The tour manager Sawyer was screening the questions to weed out inappropriateness, but they managed to get weasled in anyway. I think a couple times Kari looked mortified and uncomfortable, but those were few and far between. For the most part, people asked really good questions.

My friend Cindy didn’t purchase the VIP, so she texted me, telling me that the line was wrapped around the building, and could I save her a seat. I tried, but all the seats around me were occupied. But something awesome happened! The woman sitting directly in front of me gave up her seat for Cindy! She said that she had lasik surgery a few days ago, and she would be more than happy to sit further back! WOW!!! That was so unexpected, but greatly appreciated!

So once Cindy was seated, I took the opportunity to check out the merch tables. I nabbed some awesome music from Anthony and All Sons & Daughters. (I already have all Kari’s stuff LOL!) I did, however, get a really cool bracelet and ring that Kari designed. I’ll have to take pictures of those later. I’m not much of a ring wearer, but this ring is vintage looking, and really cute…. albeit BIG! lol.

Here’s some pics of the VIP session:


Anthony was the first one to sing. My pics didn’t turn out all that well, but here’s a couple…


Then All Sons & Daughters came out and played a set. I didn’t get pics, cause I was really into their music…. but there are some below with Kari Smile

Then Anthony came back out and did a couple more songs, then it was intermission time. I decided to take the opportunity to use the restroom. Oh my goodness…… there was an attendant in there directing traffic in the bathroom!!! I’m serious!! She would call out what stall was about to open up…. it was so funny, but I guess it’s productive!

I went back into the lobby, and Anthony was out there! I left my cell phone in the auditorium, and was mentally kicking myself!! So, I headed back just in time for Kari to start. Oh my!!! It was so awesome! OK, yes, I am a self proclaimed Kari Jobe-aholic, so I was excited, and I did take some pics right from the get-go…


But then I saw how into worship she was…. I mean…. I thought she was going to kick one of the guitarists with her high heeled boot a couple times…. she can really move around that stage!! I felt really convicted of that. I tend to – even when on stage- to just stand (or sometimes sit) there, and I’m sure that some people might think I’m some sort of stone statue. She expresses herself in every possible way. I need to work on that.

After the first couple songs, I stopped taking photos, and got into worship myself. Wasn’t focusing on Kari anymore…. my focus was where it was supposed to be.

After awhile, she invited AS&D back on the stage for an accoustic set. I did get some photos and even some videos. The videos are only snippets, most because they were songs I was either unfamiliar with and wanted to remember for later, or because I liked the arrangements.

Here’s the photos. I didn’t use my zoom…. this is how close I was!


Hmmm…. it seems that I can only put videos on here if they are on youtube. I don’t really want to upload them, so I may have to figure out another way to share later.

To end the night, she sang “Revelation Song” Smile

As we left, we noticed that Anthony was out there again, and I got to chat with him for a couple minutes, and Cindy snapped a photo.


All in all, a WONDERFUL night!!!


Tammy said...

So thrilled for you, Dawn. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

Hummie B said...

So happy for you! I now this was an amazing experience for you. Yeah for blogging!