Monday, April 4, 2016

Love my Journaling App!

Wow.... it has been quite some time since I last blogged! No excuses coming from me, but I have been (sort of) journaling on my own.

 I purchased an app for my iPhone and iPad called "Day One 2" and I have been using that more than blogger. (As if you haven't been able to tell, lol!)

 I can add photos like I can on blogger, tags, etc. I can choose to publish my entries on social media, but not on blogger, unless I use the ol' copy/paste method.

 I have several journals within this app... one for sermon notes, one for my prayer journal, one for a personal journal, and I'm about to start another one to photo journal, so that I can have journaling ready for my scrapbooking. And while on  that subject.,...


I have been SO busy that I haven't had much "me" time at all. When I am home, I'm usually either trying to clean my apartment, or I'm sleeping!

Oh,,, and the other project I have taken on in my spare time (what's that??? lol) is managing the Learning Digital Scrapbooking and Challenges page on Facebook for Hummie. I like posting challenges there (mostly ones already on the site-- to get some more involvement)

Anyway, that's kind of a synopsis of what's going on with me. Hope you're all (whomever will read this) are doing well also!

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Tammy said...

Will have to check out that app. Nice to see you here!! :D